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Congratulations go to Darkshaunz for winning Post of the Month for July 2015.

Below is the post in its entirety. The original post: 'Re: Office Drone Hive 2015'.


Darkshaunz wrote:
Fun wrote:
If I was stranded on a desert island I'd just take Shaun.

I feel like he'd bring the appropriate things.

and he'd be delicious

As a service:

You have chosen me. This is admittedly quite a bothersome choice, because I have my own things to bring and didn't consider that I'd be the one being brought by someone else. Assuming that I'm not allowed to bring anything else, because I'm considered to be an item choice (my basic human rights notwithstanding), I'd count as your survival item. All I can say is, that was a remarkably poor decision on your part, and an even poorer decision on mine for not including a clause that would have avoided this very annoying and perilous situation. Seeing as you only brought me and not three other items, I'm only of use to you for about three or so days before I dehydrate and then expire - hating you for every minute of it. In those three days, I suppose you could lament the horrible decision you've made and send me out to clear mines for you, or something (because there are minefields now, and somehow the both of us are in 1950s Cambodia). If you fear that you might forget this terrible choice, I assure you that I will be there to remind you constantly about it (as a service).

All in all, I have about 100,000 calories if you decide to consume my organs. Doesn't solve the dehydration problem on your part - or on the part of my body. By the time I've been cut up into edible portions, you'd have no place to store the flesh and I'd go bad really quickly. Other usefulness about my flesh may include using it as a lure to bait carrion feeders (monitor lizards, some birds and small predators) and then eat them instead. I think the most useful thing is to cut off my arm, cure and dry it - and then use it as some of bizarre shamanistic juju back scratcher. This is plausible because consuming my Asian blood and entrails would have driven you to at least partial madness, when coupled with I must assume - some guilt on your part for causing my death. I'd rate your survival to be barely better than mine, definitely less than seven days.

Plus side: You can make a joke like, "I had Chinese food last night" to yourself, and all of your alter egos would erupt into laughter.
In second place we have Fun with the post: 'Re: Footnote about Pride'.


Fun wrote:
1954 Matey wrote:
what happens after interracial marriage is legalised?

Life will go on.

2015 Matey wrote:
what happens after gay marriage is legalised?

Life will go on.
And in third place we have Darkshaunz with the post: 'Re: Footnote about Pride'.


Darkshaunz wrote:
Malieus wrote:
Does it matter? Fuck people act like these issues are so important, if people can get married or if women earn enough money, who fucking cares, don't be an asshole, and call someone out on being an asshole when you see it. I would hope people would do the same for me. Seriously who give a fuck if people can get married.
It is more the people getting killed for being what they are that shits me, the people starving while others eat themselves to death, while we fuck each other to the point when the planet can't support us. Stop making such a big deal about issues that ultimately don't fucking matter, and focus on the ones that if left run rampant will stop all the namby pamby hippy shit from being an issue again. Because you know a vast majority of us will be dead.

I see what you're saying, and I don't deny that in the grand scheme of things, same-sex marriage seems like it might want to take a backseat to say: i) solving world hunger, ii) achieving world peace and iii) building a sustainable future that doesn't take our planet into total catastrophe. You could go further to say that in the grand stage of the cosmos, the sum total of humanity's greatest achievements and failures amounts to nary a dot in the time-scale of the cosmos. Having a humbling perspective like that gives pause for us to appreciate the enormity of the universe we exist in, but it should never prevent us from thinking about ways to learn about things bigger than us.

However, to answer your question of: Does it matter? Yes, it does matter. Right now, we're not at the point where same-sex marriage is viewed as being a non-issue. There are schisms, deep cultural and religious ones where people view it as an attack on their faith and persons. This is a very primitive and irrational retaliatory response to something a great many people view as decent common sense, given the supposed state of modern technological advancement and progressive thinking.

The points about our world and all the troubles that come with our human presence are tremendous challenges. These are challenges that can only be solved by unilateral, multi-state and globally co-ordinated solutions. Energy, resource and commodity struggles and conflicts can be solved by a race of people that are mature and intelligent enough to come together to move humanity towards a more egalitarian and sustainable path. If we as a species, can't even agree on whether or not people of the same sex should be able to wed one another, we have virtually zero hope of solving those other world-reaching, culture-crossing and borderless problems that plague the precarious balance of nature and human advancement.

Let's start with the little things first, let's get those basic blocks of an evolved civilization into place. Then, when we've learned to look after our own species, can we realistically look to becoming the true custodians of the planet we call home. Until then, back to the drawing board we go.
Which now brings us to our Posters of the month. These are the people that received the most overall votes for their posts throughout the month.

1) Darkshaunz with a total of 26 votes

2) Fun with a total of 9 votes

3) Hunterbob with a total of 5 votes

Congratulations to all the winners and we hope to see even more quality content from everyone next month!
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