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Star Wars: The Old Republic

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Hey folks. This shit is free, and has some 12x exp boost for class quests or whatever.

It's an MMO, but I'm going to try play through it mostly for the storyline/lore like a singleplayer game, but it would be better with friends.

You can play F2P, or sink $15 into a one month sub and then we'll be through the content or bored of it, but who knows might love the shit out of it.

I played the first few levels F2P and it seemed pretty damn solid, and had a lot of tweaks and polish I didn't expect which was nice. I'm going to sub so I can make a Twilek Sith though, fuck yeah evil tentacle heads.

Server: Harbinger
Faction: Empire

- Willy: Frontbum
- Hunterbob: Danasaurus
- Fork: Persithonie
- Matey: Zombre / Zedtel / Zedlok
- Ausedragon: HuntingDatBooty
- Doc
- Salin
- Retsgip

I don't know if this will work, or even if I'll get time to play this week, but it would be cool to have some Star Wars shit to play every now and then.

Interested? Put your name down and we have try find some common ground on time where a few of us can get on and bang out some lightsabre skills together.

Just remember it's a large download. ~30gb, but it's playable after 1gb or something (starting planet) which is nice.

There's lots of wicked cutscenes and dialogue, which must have bloated it out.

Hope I can get some play time, and hope I can see some of you jerks in there!

Also if you're keen join #swtor on slack so you can know when other peeps are playing easy, ask for help and shit like that.
This game is really good, and has a really solid F2P model.

I give this game 5 Recommendations out of 5.
This is actually a pretty fantastic game. It is my opinion that the main reason why this game is not as popular as it should be (apart from having to compete with WoW) is that EA pushed the release too soon, which resulted in Bioware not having a lot of bugs fixed or content ready upon launch. This game really has almost as much to offer as WoW, especially considering it has been around for a much shorter time.

Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed World of Warcraft thoroughly throughout the last 10 years, but SWTOR has a few neat differences that make it a great experience, even for the casual gamer.

Here is a list of things that I really enjoy about this game.

- PvP maps and PvP in general have been the most fun I have had playing MMO's - and I'm more of PvE player!
- The classes have similarities like all fantasy games, but playing a fucking Jedi (instead of just a warrior) is great, same goes for being a duel-wielding blaster space cowboy.
- Class stories, Each class has it's own story and your choices determine the outcome (most of the time).
- Tired of using your actual character to kill other players? Jump in to starship PvP, where you can customise your own different 'classes' of starships (basically do PvP but use a spaceship instead of your body).
- Garrisons? Fuck that, I have my own ship that goes in to hyperspace and takes me to planets and shit.
- Spaceships? Fuck that. I have my own apartment in Nar Shaddaa.

Good to be home.

Hekkaz view from the balcony. Ideal place for spliffies.

Yes, I also have a strip club room (could only afford one Twi'lek).
I'm leading a raid team On Harbringer. Just recently started doing the Hard Mode Ops (Hard Mode Raids) progression. We're 1 HM Boss down. It's a pretty semi casual guild/group. I raid every Friday/Sunday night. I believe there looking for another third team :)
retsgip wrote:
Signed up. Downloading. No guarantees I'll play or even be on when anyone is on. One can be hopeful though

That's the spirit :)

I'm in the same boat, but its nice knowing a solid Star Wars game is there to play when I have the chance, and might bump into some mates.
After much deliberation we are (still) going EMPIRE, bitches!

I should be able to play for a few hours Saturday morning (~8-12 WST) and I think a few of us will be trying to jump on then if anyone else wishes to join us =)
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