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Still over a year away, but that doesn't stop them from getting the hype train chugging along nice and early.

I'm a huge fan of Jared Leto, and Margot Robbie was great in Focus. Hoping they can bring a nice and different spin to The Joker and Harley.

Great to see Bat-fleck in there too, and I'm curious to see if Will Smith will play a prominent role or just take a back seat.

First look trailer got released at comic-con, get it while it's hot!

Watched the Trailer a bit earlier, I was extremely impressed with it. Especially because I thought it wasn't going to be that great.

I really like Jared Leto as the Joker, I think he will pull off an excellent psychopathic clown
. I'm a bit unsure about Margot Robbie as Harley though, she seems to do al right in the trailer so I'm hoping that carries over to the full feature...
Seems there was a bit of controversy about this too, since it was originally leaked from Comic-Con and not planned to be released yet.

From the reddit thread:
The statement they released on Facebook:

"Warner Bros. Pictures and our anti-piracy team have worked tirelessly over the last 48 hours to contain the Suicide Squad footage that was pirated from Hall H on Saturday.

We have been unable to achieve that goal.

Today we will release the same footage that has been illegally circulating on the web, in the form it was created and high quality with which it was intended to be enjoyed.

We regret this decision as it was our intention to keep the footage as a unique experience for the Comic Con crowd, but we cannot continue to allow the film to be represented by the poor quality of the pirated footage stolen from our presentation."

Sue Kroll, President Worldwide Marketing and International Distribution, Warner Bros. Pictures

Same thing happened with the Deadpool trailer, but apparently it's still a few weeks away from a real release:

Also, some info on the Suicide Squad members:

Doesn't the cast seem a few people too large to have all of them covered adequately in the 2-3 hours film?

Hopefully each of the characters in the Suicide Squad get sufficient focus to highlight their true characters and struggles as I am quite intrigued by them.
And yeah, the film was pretty dam crap.

Seriously. I was so excited for this film after the trailer and this is the junk we get?

Sure the characters are fun - well Deadshot, Harley and Diablo (El Diablo was amazing) - but the story is non-existent and the editing messy and atrocious. Seriously what was the purpose of Suicide Squad? If I wanted to take down a Superman level villain, I certainly wouldn't call the Suicide Squad.

The main antagonist, what the freaking hell? Why was Enchantress shaking her dam hips while casting her spell?

So many bad things with this movie that I fear it may set a precedent for future films to sink to. As movie-watchers, as fans, as human beings, we deserve better.

On a brighter note, dam I am looking forward to the Aquaman movie. And Batman The Killing Joke animated film was a fantastic film. Why can't DCEU be like the DC animated films?
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