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What the fuck did I just watch?

I liked the mixture of gangsters and flappers with zombies, but then the gumball machine and The Darkness style tentacle attacks, then the huge monsters!?

Jesus Christ that was weird, but also really kind of awesome.


I've finished the Black Ops III campaign. I played it over 5 night shifts, with a bit of multiplayer mixed in. I have to say it was really good. I enjoyed myself immensely. Heaps of gun play, bit of sleuthing, fast paced and freaking scary at times, the whole game had me quite hooked. The last few levels in particular really had my heart racing; that feeling of excitement as you unfold the story, mixed in with moments of complete fear and shock. Game got me good.

The unlock weapon system is decent. Character levels unlock some, the weapons level unlocks others. The heavy machine guns are quite effective, and I'm a fan of the semi-auto shotgun. There is also a Special Attack that is on a cooldown. Once you have unlocked them, you can switch them out in-game as required. Having the ability to deal with a squad of robots, then changing to a wide area effect comes in quite handy.

And who would have thought the bad guy was Uchiha Itachi?
Campaign spoiler: the Digital Neural Interface (HUD) starts freaking out as you get closer to the end, making things appear that are not really there. Snow in the desert, underwater creatures in the sky, shadows and colours. And crows. Crows everywhere. Just how I'd imagine a mind fucking by Itachi would be. It is pretty good.

Multiplayer is an option for the campaign. Crysto and I completed a couple of levels this way. It is so much more fun having a team mate on mumble, calling out enemy positions and screaming for a res. Sure, they is a small amount of 'Ramierz do everything', but it feels a lot less than previous CoDs.

New to the genre this time around is an emblem editor. Instead of just choosing a preset emblem from your unlock list (though this is still available), you can take the time to create your own. It works on layers; each layer a symbol or letter, scaled and coloured to your choosing. I've seen a couple of basic ones in the multiplayer, and someone went to the trouble of crafting a cock and hairy balls (it was quite well done, though you have to wonder at the mental state of someone taking a couple of hours to create something like that). Some of the editing tools are not as intuitive as I'd like, but I'm a photoshop pro and got by pretty well. A zoom function would be my main request.

I chose the Twelve Guild Wars 2 emblem as my first attempt.
Here you can see the layers. Each symbol can be reshaped and coloured to create the image.

Next I went with one of my favourite avatars, from Ghost in the Shell. I use it on all kinds of things. I really needed more than the 64 layer limit, so I had to cut back on a few things.

I really like the way it has turned out.
The image beneath your player name can be changed also, but I'm yet to unlock any that suit yet.

I haven't played the zombie game yet, I'm saving that for this weekend. So many other games to play this weekend also, gonna be hard to choose.
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