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Heroes Reborn

Just as shit as the original

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I'm up to episode 4 and so far the good seems to be outweighed by the dumb.

Even within this world of
EVOs, the video game girl still makes no fucking sense.

The amount of shit they've taken directly from X-Men is actually a bit ridiculous, especially when two of their main plot points are
EPIC and the
Mutant Registration Act
Odessa Protocol.

The murderous rampage couple are also fucking stupid since their motives don't even make sense. It took me 4 episodes to realise the guy in the couple is Chuck.

For now I'm going to keep watching, but this seems to be going downhill much faster than the original series where at least the first season was really cool.
Half way through episode 4 I veto'd this, don't have time to watch unwatchable shit.

In before LOLSURVIVOR, it's subjective ya cuntbags.
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