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Mexican Superman, son of Zod.
Batman that's more Man-Bat.
Wonder Woman raised by the God of War.
.. and Bruce Timm.

Holy hell yes.
Hey guys,

Watched this movie today. To put it simply - this movie blows the last few DC animated movies out of the water. As you know I was very disappointed with the last DCAU offering - Batman vs. Robin, and the Atlantis movie was quite good, but nowhere near as entertaining and gripping as this one.

This is a very adult DC world, and I think Bruce Timm pulled out all the narrative stops for this one. I can't really say more without giving too much away, but it really is the DC Universe and Justice League showcased in a very unique and refreshingly vivid light.

Well paced, directed and hits all the right chords to deliver one of the most solid, if not the best standalone DC Animated experience in their lineup thus far.

I'm giving this one my official seal of quality and approval.

- Shaunz
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