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Apple Music is a place where music is treated like the art it is, with a sense of respect and discovery.

It’s also a place that accommodates and supports musicians, and provides an environment for artists and fans to engage.

Stream millions of songs—and discover music you’ll love with handpicked playlists and recommendations from our experts.

Listen to Beats 1, our 24/7 worldwide station broadcasting the best new music direct from Los Angeles, New York, and London that's anchored by world-class DJ Zane Lowe.

And Apple Music Connect gives you a direct line to your favorite artists; where they can share demos, remixes, lyrics, photos—really anything they wish—straight to you, the fan.

We’re taking all the ways you love music, and bringing them together in one complete place; one complete thought around music.

I'd heard Apple Music being thrown around for a while, but never actually thought about it. Subscription based access to the entire iTunes catalogue seems pretty fucking sweet, depending on the price point of course.

Will be interesting to see how this affects Spotify and Rdio, and who will be the victor.

There's no Sonos integration from the start though, apparently they're focusing on the "mobile listening experience" first.

Are you going to give it a shot?

Reckon it could knock Rdio/Spotify off their throne(s)?

Planning to switch over?
I'll keep an eye on it.

With Spotify it's annoying how when my phone locks when it's syncing offline playlists it stops the sync. I hope the apple music app fixes that.
Like Spotify, there are around 30 million tracks for you to choose from, and for the first time for anything Apple, the service will be available on Android. Unlike Spotify however, your current iTunes library will be mixed in with your tracks streamed, so any holes Apple Music’s library might have can be filled with your own collection of bought songs.

TLDR: Stream your pirated music too

Source: … 7389860814

Also this is interesting

Apple is entering a market that is almost completely dominated by Spotify, but it’s only a very small market with huge areas to grow. At the moment, Spotify has 60 million users, with 15 million of those paid subscribers. 15 million is a tiny number when you compare that to the 700 million iPhones Apple has sold.

Of those 700 million, at least 500 million of those will be upgraded to Apple’s iOS 9, which gives them Apple’s Music pre-installed on their phone with three months free subscription. Of those phones, Apple needs only three per cent to continue on past the free trial period to equal Spotify’s paid customer base. Let’s not forget those potential Android customers also.
Hey guise this is oot (love the family pack)

I don't want to update my iPhone/iPad to 8.4 at the moment because I'm in the middle of development and XCode updates are always a pain in the arse. So I thought I'd try it out on iTunes, nope. 12.1.2 is the "latest version" according to 'Check For Updates", but I can see 12.2 on the US site. Guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow.

Anyone updated and given it a shot? Looks pretty swish from the screen caps (as per every apple thing ever)
Seems pretty cool so far.

The context menus are a bit inconsistent on desktop (can't albums from the new screen to your library without opening them).

Like the idea of deep integration with phone os, see how it goes.
I've still only played with Apple Music on iTunes so far, but it hasn't wow'd me like I thought it would as there's some very confusing usability choices (?)

For example if you go to the New tab and look at Top Songs, you can't just play that list. Same with Hot Tracks or Recent Releases, and while the For You artist choices are pretty spot on it would benefit from a "more" button and playlists instead of just artists.

As Kiral said on Slack: "I think in a few releases once they understand how people use it, it will be better"

The Beats1 radio plays some decent music, but it's fucking censored! The bloke is going on about how Dr Dre has released whatever album on streaming for the first time ever and he's so excited to play it, then every second word is censored with a shitty commercial radio swish and it sounds terrible.

Surely it wouldn't be hard to have a separate stream (or diverge the same stream for the censored songs) to play it uncensored too. I haven't heard of anyone doing that and they could be digital radio pioneers or some shit, but it just sounds dumb. Digital radio isn't governed by the

All that said, It's pretty solid for an initial release and it should only get better. Keen to try it out on the phone too.
I think I'm just someone that has no interest in trying new services for things I already have acceptable solutions for. I started using spotify 1-2 years ago and have been very happy with it since.

To me it always feels like a waste of my time/energy to be an early adopter of new, competing services and I'm more than happy to try something out only after it has been established and well recommended by people and/or sources I trust.
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