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Joe Dirt (David Spade) returns to reveal his life is still perfect after the end of the previous movie. Unfortunately in this movie hurricanes are also worm hole like time machines and Joe gets taken back to 1965. In 1965 Joe is once again no longer a somebody and is again a nobody and all he wants to do is make sure the events that lead him to getting with his hot wife Brandy (Brittany Daniel) still happen.

"Joe Dirt has got him self in a bind. Last time he had nothing to loose, this time he has shit tons to loose." -Denis Miller (as he says in in the trailer)

In 1965 we find many of the old cast up to what they were doing in 1965 including Christopher Walken's character while he was a mob boss before he became a reformed guy on the witness protection program, American Indian guy, and a young Brandy.

This is a movie that will be harshly judged before anyone has even seen it, many comparisons are already been made to Paul Blart Mall Cop 2. I think there are 2 different kinds of junky movies, the ones that hit their intend audience and the ones that don't, and being a fan of the the original movie I feel as if the sequel hasn't lost much of the appeal that made the original movie a cult classic to fans. The 'time travel' plot seems stupid on the surface but has some interesting implications, enough to say Joe Dirt 2 has some potential to defy expectations and be quite good. I have high hopes for this movie and I'm looking forward to it.
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I decided to delay my watching of this movie due to its poor reviews and its straight to streaming release. I watched this last night and I think it's a point you shouldn't base your own opinion on if something is worth watching on what other people think.

This movie was great, it was a worthy sequel. It would of been better if Kid Rock was available to play the villain again (he was unavailable due to creating a new album or something) and this caused some of the scenes to ramble on a bit, but the movie went longer than expected probably because it went straight to streaming and I wonder if some of these redundant scenes would of been edited out if it of had of went to the cinemas so I can put up with that.

In the first movie Joe felt he had nothing to loose as he searches for his parents and the reason to why they abandoned him, only to find out what he was looking for he always had in his new home with Brandine. In this movie Joe feels as if he has everything to loose, he doesn't want to look pathetic in front of his now wife Brandine and his triplet daughters. I suppose the journey of this movie goes into why he never needed to prove anything to his family because they always liked him for what he is and it takes his guardian angle to teach him that. I suppose why the journey is completely different, both movies have a similar warmth which is where this movie really hits its mark.

Yea great movie, screw you critiques.
cailo- wrote:
It would of been better if Kid Rock was available

Congratulations, Cailo! You've just successfully created a sentence no one has ever spoken before.
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