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By Shaunz

DBZ Shin Budokai: Another Road is a game that explores the story of Future Trunks’ timeline. Future Trunks’ timeline is considered to be the “real” timeline, as the events on that world unfolded without the interference of time-traveling Trunks.

Game was played by Super Saiyan Paul on Youtube, and I compiled/summarized all 10 of his Let’s Play videos into 5 chapters.

Chapter I – The Beginning of a really bad fanfic, which is actually not a fanfic
  • After years of rebuilding, humanity in Future Trunks timeline manages to re-host the World Martial Arts tournament again.
  • Supreme Kai and Kibito return to seek a being of great power (which is Future Trunks). Dabura also seeks this power for Babidi wishes to revive Majin Buu.
  • Badibi reads Trunk’s mind and finds about the time machine and senzu beans.
  • Dabura destroys parts of the city to lure Trunks out to fight him. Trunks encounters Dabura and beats him in the first of many fights with the Demon King, but is severely injured when he shields a densely populated city from one of Dabura’s energy beams.
  • Trunks realizes he can’t stop the resurrection of Majin Buu by himself, and tells the Supreme Kai that he wants to bring the Z Warriors from our main timeline to his.
  • He will do this by using a time machine that is an improved version that we saw him use in the TV series. This time machine can hold multiple people. He laments to the Supreme Kai that there are no senzu beans left in the world either. The Supreme Kai corrects him and tells him that new senzu beans should have grown by now.
  • Korin is still alive in this continuity!
  • Trunks leaves to travel to the past with the new time machine that Bulma created. There he informs Goku and Z Warriors of our timeline that the Alternate Future Timeline’s
  • Babidi is trying to resurrect Majin Buu.
  • Goku, Goten, (our) Trunks, Picollo, Krillin, Tien, Android 18, Yamcha (ROFL) and Vegeta arrives in Future Trunks’ timeline. (I guess the Time Capsule became a Time Space Cruiser).

In the main timeline, Goku and Friends have already killed Buu and even defeated Janemba! Future Trunks is aware that our Z warriors already killed Buu & Babidi a while ago, but reminds them that his timeline has no Dragon Balls, and they should be extra careful.

  • Babidi makes puppet clones of some of the Z Warriors (Majin Clones), so Future Trunks and our dudes punch them in the dick really hard.
  • Apparently during the fighting, Picollo was brainwashed by Babidi.
  • Future Trunks defeats Picollo and releases him from Babidi’s control.
  • Apparently during the fighting, Vegeta was brainwashed by Babidi….
  • So basically Vegeta let Babidi brainwash him in our timeline, and then for a second time in Future Trunks’ timeline. Vegeta, A+ for being a retard.
  • Goku defeats Majin Vegeta (for the second time).
  • Buu is resurrected, thanks to Majin Vegeta (again). He doesn’t obey Babidi’s commands.
  • Babidi read Picollo’s mind whilst he was being controlled, and learned that he was killed by Majin Buu in our timeline.
  • He uses this knowledge to travel to get the Namekian dragon balls in the New Planet Namek.
  • The Z warriors use an improved capsule corp spaceship to get to New Planet Namek. They reach there super fast because it’s future tech.
  • Apparently (Regular) Cooler is also on New Planet Namek, looking for the dragon balls (I laughed).
  • Also in the next cutscene, Cooler has already become Metal Cooler. Which doesn’t make any fucking sense. AT ALL.
  • Metal Cooler got his dumb face beat in, but got away.
  • Metal Cooler returns to the Big Gete Star to report to (Regular) Cooler.
  • This explains why there are both Coolers on New Planet Namek.
  • Z fighters find Dende and Dende agrees to restore the Earth dragon balls when he becomes the guardian for Future Trunks’ Earth.
  • It turns out that Broly is also on New Planet Namek (Makes no sense).
  • Then, it turns out that Broly is working for Cooler (Makes even less sense than no sense).
  • Yamcha collected all the dragon balls. He isn’t good for much else, so it made sense to me.
  • The Namekian Dragon is summoned, and Babidi shows up to steal the wishes.
  • Cooler and Broly show up.
  • TWIST: Broly was working for Cooler, but Cooler was working for Babidi (!!!).
  • Cooler and Broly are defeated.
  • Dende makes his wish to Porunga (Namekian Dragon) in Namekian.
  • The first wish was to wish back those killed by the evil dudes, second was to get rid of the Big Gete Star, and before he could make the 3rd wish, Babidi attacks.
  • Dende calls for help and so the dragon takes this as the 3rd wish and restrains Babidi. This makes Babidi heaps mad.
  • Babidi runs back to Earth, prompting the Z fighters return to Earth as well.

Chapter III – Awkward Family Things
  • Back on Earth now, and Babidi brings back Cooler and Broly back with him. I thought they were defeated, but apparently not (whatever).
  • Majin Buu has already transformed to Super Buu.
  • Super Buu was beat in a fight by the Z warriors (don’t mean much).
  • Shin and Kibito appear and talk about the Z sword, ask for a volunteer.
  • Goku sends Gohan to pull out the Z sword (again).
  • Gohan can’t pull out the Z sword because only the chosen one may pull it out.
  • (Our) Gohan can’t pull it out because he is the chosen one of (our) timeline. Future Gohan died fighting the androids, so only he could have pulled it out.
  • They plan to look for Future Gohan in the Otherworld (Heaven, essentially).
  • Whilst they are in the Kai’s world, JANEMBA appears. WHAAAAAAAAAAAT.
  • Gohan fights Janemba, but Janemba makes a beeline for heaven.
  • Pikkon is already in heaven in this timeline, and so he intercepts Janemba for a fight.
  • They defeat Janemba, and Pikkon tells Gohan that he maybe knows where Future Goku and Future Gohan are in heaven.
  • Pikkon takes them by accident to Future Bardock…good work idiot.
  • Gohan explains who he is and Bardock is happy to see a Saiyan descendant – so he agrees to help out in the search.
  • They find Future Goku in Heaven. Bardock sees Goku and fires a beam at him.
  • They fight and Bardock finds out Goku is his son.
  • Future Goku, Future Bardock and (our) Gohan have a super awkward grandfather-father-son moment in heaven…
  • They find Future Gohan – who is really fucking mad and always fighting a vision of Android 18.
  • (our) Gohan tries to intervene, but Future Gohan attacks (our) Gohan.
  • The two Gohans fight. (our) Gohan wins, but only because Goku helped him. Future Gohan rules.
  • Shin (The Supreme Kai) tells Future Gohan that Trunks is alive, and already beat the Androids in the world of the living.
  • Future Gohan calms down and agrees to help pull out the Z sword. He easily pulls it out.
  • Just like (our) Gohan, Future Gohan also accidentally breaks the Z sword.
  • The Elder Kai unlocks Future Gohan’s power and then sacrifices himself to bring Future Gohan back to life.
  • Pikkon and Bardock were given 24 hours in the realm of the living to help out.

Chapter IV – Hang in there, we’re still going
  • Future Gohan, Future Bardock, (our) Gohan meet up with Future Trunks, and all of the Z fighters from our timeline. They meet at Kame’s sky platform palace whatever.
  • Babidi appears to steal the Earth dragon balls. Yamcha is to blame.
  • Janemba makes it to….Earth? He appears, and I get very confused.
  • They go after Janemba. Goten and Trunks goes to face Super Buu.
  • Gotenks SSJ takes on Super Buu and does a number on him.
  • Unfortunately Super Buu has now absorbed Broly and Cooler (WOW).
  • Gotenks goes SSJ3.
  • Super Buu then absorbs SSJ3 Gotenks, becoming even more powerful.
  • (our) Gohan goes to help.
  • Super Buu then absorbs (our) Gohan (again), becoming even mor-for fuck’s sake, (our) Z Warriors should know better.
  • Goku asks Vegeta to fuse with the Potara earrings. SSJ Vegito wrecks Super Buu.
  • Vegito rescues Gohan and Gotenks from Super Buu (just like last time).
  • Super Buu was on the verge of death and needed to absorb someone strong or he would die.
  • Babidi appears and summons the dragon….to save Super Buu.
  • Mr. Satan jumps in and steals Babidi’s wish, and wishes to become an intergalactic superstar. (Mr. Satan literally number one).
  • Babidi goes to kill Mr. Satan, but Super Buu protects Mr. Satan (I don’t even..).
  • Babidi calls Mr. Satan garbage. Super Buu gets mad and turns Babidi into chocolate.
  • Super Buu spits out innocent Majin Buu and becomes super evil Buu. Then started to make endless copies of himself.
  • The Z fighters fight literally all of the Buu copies and prevail.
  • As expected, the Buu copies start to merge together into their final form.

Chapter V – An end, once and for all
  • Majin Buu achieves his final form (Kid Buu).
  • Since Majin Buu absorbed Babidi, he can create Majin clones of all the people from Babidi’s memories.
  • He summons basically all of the DBZ bad guys, and Z-Warriors split up to fight all the bad guys.
  • Gogeta fights Future Kid Buu and beats him with ease. This is different from our timeline, where it was only SSJ Goku with the super spirit bomb that defeats Kid Buu.
  • To prevent Kid Buu from regenerating, the Goku Family™ unite their powers.
  • Future Gohan, Gohan, Goku, Goten and Future Bardock all use their Kamehamehas (apparently Bardock learned how to do it in less than a day, but I digress).
  • This Super-Kamehameha totally disintegrates Majin Buu and defeats him.
  • Future Bulma and Mr. Satan agrees to hold a special exhibition match with all the Future fighters and (our) Z Warriors.
  • Story of Future Trunks ends with peace on Future Earth, oh and Future Gohan is alive again (and he will train with Goku before they all return to our timeline).

Now you never have to wonder what happened to Future Trunks after he killed Androids 17, 18 and Cell.

You are welcome.
Ethnick wrote:
Thanks Shaunz but I gotta say that shit made no fucking sense through most of it. Good write up though.

Yeah, in terms of timelines, that's one messed up timeline.

I enjoyed the read and the thought of the ridiculousness of it all. I'll watch the videos at some point as I know I won't be able to resist.
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