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I'm not offering it... I need it. My problems have now outstripped the level of my knowledge.

Basically, it started a few months ago. Random shut-downs, exclusively while playing Skyrim. And by shut-downs, I mean abrupt restarts, with no BSOD or error message - just like somebody had pulled the plug. Then straight away it would boot up again, no errors, no safe mode, just normal. This would happen maybe once or twice a night. I thought maybe it was getting a bit hot and dusty, so I cleaned out the inside with some compressed air. This actually seemed to help and I didn't have any problems for a while, though this could have been just good luck.

Since getting back from overseas, the problem has worsened. I suspected the power supply, and ran a PSU test with OCCT. It shut down within one second. Ran the GPU test, and it shut down within about ten minutes. Power supply seemed likely, but I didn't want to shell out for a new one without being sure, so I sent it into the shop. They diagnosed a fault with the SSD, and installed a new one for me. Okay, wasn't expecting that, but fair enough, I guess SSDs fail pretty often.

Unfortunately... this wasn't the problem. Restarts continued. I sent it back to the shop.

This time, they tell me my RAM is faulty. Okay. They take out my two 4GBs and install a new 8GB. This sounds a bit more plausible to me - I know bad RAM can cause that kind of problem. Only... the restarts are continuing. And, inexplicably, it seems like my entire system has slowed down since getting it back from the shop. My FPS is shitty, the game is taking several minutes to save, and there's a hideous whining noise coming from somewhere inside the case.

Obviously I'm sending it back to the shop again, since I've already paid for them to fix it. But does anyone have any suggestions? Pretty much the only stuff left is the MOBO, GPU or PSU. I haven't had any problems beside these restarts, and it seems only Skyrim and the stress tests cause it - I can run other games just fine. Probably not surprising since fully-modded Skyrim is by far the most intensive game I run. I am definitely losing patience here, and these constant replacements of "faulty" parts are really stretching the budget.
Do these idiots even test anything they do? Why are you paying for their fuckups? Ask for them to put the old shit back and refund your money/

If it's only happening when playing a game (i.e the system is under heavy load) then I would imagine it to be an issue of overheating, likely the graphics card. Install Speedfan and look at the temperatures of your various cores (cpu/gpu) before and during gameplay.

If shit is at ~90C then it's a heat issue and your PC is automatically shutting itself off once it reaches a threshold.
Grats on winning spoon.

Yeah Kon I had the same problem when I played skyrim a few years ago. Mine was overheating of the hard drive. Replaced it and it fixed the problem.
Grats Spoon!

I agree with heat related, but will further say that switch mode power supplys can do funny things under high load/heat conditions. Well anything electronic really. Computers however are very very susceptible to low or over voltage and heat.

Def get some analysis software running to give you temps and voltages. My vote is on the PSU though. Or the power supply of the MOBO
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Darkshaunz wrote:
I think there's water in your PC. Water causes electrical devices to malfunction pretty badly.

My advice is to move the computer away from water-inducing phenomena such as rain.

Solid advice. Could also be fire. Check for fire first actually. If you find some, throw water at it. Then follow Shaun's instructions.
I have been looking at the temps occasionally and I haven't noticed anything alarming - though I suppose I don't really know what temperature would be alarming. As an example, here's how things are looking with Skyrim running in the background.

thorment wrote:
Doesn't look under stress either... try recreating the problem while monitoring it..

Yeah, game in the background just puts it back to regular load, you'd need to play for a while and the alt tab to CPUID. Should give you a more accurate reading.
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