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Twelve Slack

Let's get the band back together


We've moved on from IRC to Slack, but before you close this tab check out these awesome benefits:

- See who's online and who isn't
- Have a record of what was said even when you weren't online
- Different channels (eg #ps4bros #twelvemeet #pooping)
- Get notified when someone says your name
- Integrations so you can be notified of new forum/social posts

It's pretty great, and has amazing web/phone/tablet/mac/windows apps too.

Bored at work? Waiting at the urologist?
Stuck in traffic
? On a trambro?

Pop on Slack and say hi :)

How do you join?

Click here to get an invite

Then follow the instructions, it's pretty easy.

Make sure you view the list of available channels, and join the ones you might be interested in.

If you have a PS4 join #ps4bros so you can see when we're playing, or do a @channel to notify people when you want to play something.

Helping us organise the Twelve Meet? Join #twelvemeet so you can quickly get up to speed or post some links.

Love telling people when you poop? Join #pooping and fellow poop enthusiasts can all congratulate you.

Hey Matey, want to tell people about your day? Create a #mateysday channel and spill your guts.

You can also leave/join/re-leave/re-join channels whenever you want.

Some tips and tricks:

Want a Twelve themed side bar?

Hit your name bottom left, preferences, sidebar theme, hit the link at the bottom, and paste this in:


Getting spammed by notifications?

It enables lots of notifications by default, you can stop getting spammed by hitting your name bottom left, preferences, notifications, change to "Only for Highlight Words and direct messages" or whatever you want.

You can also set per-channel notifications. Tap the channel name at the top and go into Channel Notification Preferences.

And you can set how it sends you notifications by hitting your name bottom left, account, Notifications tab, and take a look there.

Get notified when people talk about you, better

Want to know when people say your real name or shit load of internet nicknames?

Hit your name bottom left, preferences, notifications, add everything you want to get notified for in the "Highlight Words" part

Oi cunt, how secure is this?

Pretty bloody secure mate!

No one (not even admins) can see inside Direct Messages, or Private Channels (or even know they exist)

How do I achieve Slack Enlightenment?

1. Get amongst it and apply Twelve Sidebar Theme if on pc/mac
2. Set up your notifications and highlighted words correctly
3. Grab the Slack app for your phone to maximise notificaiton efficiency
4. Type this in general: Twelve animate enlightenment
5. Revel in your glory
The mobile app is fucking outstanding.

Really impressed with the platform as a whole.
Thought I'd pull this line out of the OP and put it here to make sure Matey sees it:

Hey Matey, want to tell people about your day? Create a #mateysday channel and spill your guts.
I'm fairly Slack. Slacked out. Just a question: can the cuppa link at the top go to Slack, instead of the invite? Or maybe Slack if you have been invited already?
I've seen a few comments about Slack making the Twelve Forums redundant, and this is a good place as any to discuss it.

I think they both have their place and can co-exist. The Twelve Forums will always be the heart and soul of Twelve, and are used for more structured discussions. You can discuss things at length without it getting drowned out, and things stay on point as much as you want them to.

On the other hand I see Slack being for more off-the-cuff discussions, but can also be more private. You probably already have a little clique group that you talk to over Messenger, Whatsapp, Steam, etc. Slack is a place where we can hopefully bring many of those groups back home, while they still remain autonomous if wanted, but are still a part of Twelve and have a bit more exposure so you don't get lost or forget about us.

The benefit here is that Slack has a great core structure and apps that make it accessible to everyone, so migrating your group of mates across should be painless. You can keep lurking to the Twelve Public and only talk in private channels, but I hope that if you see something going on in #general or #games that you pop in and say hello.

Another great benefit is breaking up our interests and the accessibility of notifications. For example if you have a PS4 and want to play games with Twelvians, join #ps4bros and when someone is playing they just need to whip out their phone and go "@channel hey anyone keen for Helldivers?" and all the bros in #ps4bros will get that notification on their phone, can straight away reply "keen but will be home in 20" or whatever. Anyone can make a channel so feel free to start up one you think people may benefit from.

To finish, I think one of the reasons the Twelve Forums has slowed down is that people don't have time to trawl over new posts and catch up these days. We're (somewhat) grown up and time is now a rare commodity. But if we all had a way to pop in and shoot some shit when there's 5 minutes free with whoever is online they may do that. Or at least catch up on the channels they like and keep in better contact with Twelvians.

And one last thing. At the moment if your name (or any of your 'highlighted words') is mentioned it shoots you a notification. If people find that annoying as someone could be saying your name eg "damn shaunz new thread is great" we can change that. Just need people to tell us if it gets annoying.
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But really, perhaps. Whatever happens I think we all want Twelve to survive one way or another, and if that means moving to a platform that is more accessible to retain the most users I think that's a step forward.
Wastey wrote:
This is basically what a lot of us have already been doing with WhatsApp, and we all still use the forums

Where were our invites? :(

Slack is better though, just so you know. You can use it on mobile (app) and desktop in multiple instances and you can summon a bot to do your bidding.

The app is slick as and it's already proving pretty useful and awesome.
Wastey wrote:
This is basically what a lot of us have already been doing with WhatsApp, and we all still use the forums

We're not pointing fingers, just laying down facts.

The fact is that much of Twelve has splintered into many little groups and are spread across a number of platforms and products.

It's great they have all made friends and common ground, the fact is the Twelve Community is now lacking activity and content with their absence.

If there's nothing tying them to the platform they use (eg Whatsapp) and it's easy to migrate, it would be fantastic to get some of them back in a communal area.

They can still have private channels no one else can see into or even know exist. After a minute setup you can have Slack working just as Whatsapp does (only notifications from that one channel, etc) with the added benefit of it's great apps, better ties to the community, etc. The little groups could then have further exposure to get more involved with Twelve, make new friends, join in on other games and conversations etc.

Unless they're an exclusive/private/hermit club that seems win-win to me. Each to their own though.
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