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Always liked it way back when even though I was never great at it. Was usually good fun to play with some mates over a few drinks too.

The new songs and music videos is a nice touch, and the real crowd actually looks pretty good.

Thoughts? Reckon you'll pick it up?
Trailer is corny as fuck.

I do like the idea of the Guitar Hero TV thing where you can actually play new songs. However I'm not really sold on how much different this will be to the predecessors.
Time to reboot this cash cow, eh?

The change looks pretty interesting but also seems like it'd get a bit annoying after you've played for more than 5 minutes.

I got bored of this franchise pretty quickly, but it definitely can be a fun party game genre. I much prefer Donkey Konga though.
Super keen, I replayed my Guitar Hero World Tour game too many times then I got sick of the same songs. Having new ones to play will be awesome. Will purchase!
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