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New members please make a thread and say hi! We're not evil or anything, promise.
hey all i'm Christian i live on the sunny coast qld played vanilla on oceanic server barthilus alliance as a holy paladin in retail but played shamans every patch since then back as horde playing a resto sham
Hey mate,

Good on you for posting on the forum! It's great when people get involved in the Twelve community. We hope you're enjoying your time with us and our hilarious dick jokes.

I'll make sure your rank in our guild is updated as soon as I can.
Gday Zappa. I wouldn't have told everyone my religious denomination so early, but hey, whatever floats your boat.
Welcome! Make sure you look around the rest of the forums and don't be scared the post anywhere :)
, . . , .

Your punctuation escaped - here is some to replace it.

Welcome to Twelve!
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