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Doctor Who Series 9

Two Parter Madness

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It's out "some time this year" but news is already coming out, and it's a good'un

Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams will appear in the new series of Doctor Who, alongside Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman, in an episode to be broadcast when the show returns to television screens this autumn.

Lead writer and Executive Producer Steven Moffat added: "We're thrilled to have Maisie Williams joining us on Doctor Who. It's not possible to say too much about who or what she's playing, but she is going to challenge the Doctor in very unexpected ways. This time he might just be out of his depth, and we know Maisie is going to give him exactly the right sort of hell."

I adored the latest season, and hope this keeps following the trend of a timeless, near-omnipotent, almost super human Doctor as opposed to the more eccentric kid toy version.

Hell. Yes.

The latest season of Doctor Who was probably my favourite, thanks to Peter Capaldi.

I hope they ditch Clara early on, I thought she was gone but I saw her a few times while skipping through this trailer =/

BRILLIANT! This is the Doctor Who that I love.

The first half (ep3) was your classic "new monster" episode but with a twist that it was even new to The Doctor, and with the mystery of the ship and writing on the wall and casket etc, it was passable enough.

Then the second half (ep4) took it to a whole new level. Absolutely loved it from start to finish. The Fisher King wasn't your typical humanoid alien in a wetsuit with some face paint, he was a force to be reckoned with, knew about and even hated the Time Lords. There wasn't much running, and while the whole "ghost Doctor was a hologram all along" was cheeky, it still worked.
Ep 5 was all about vikings and the thing with showing advanced technology seems like magic to undeveloped civilisations. Is it me or is this season going to be more 2 part eps?
Yep, apart from two standalone episodes, all are two parters this season.

That doesn't bother me though, as they've been pretty great so far.

Think I might wait until both parts are out to watch them though, also shit yeah VIKINGS!
ratchan wrote:
Ep 5 was all about vikings and the thing with showing advanced technology seems like magic to undeveloped civilisations. Is it me or is this season going to be more 2 part eps?

How fucking great was this two parter!?

I was a bit suss with the vikings at the start since I also had an episode of The Last Kingdom to watch too and they do vikings so well.. but then mother-fucken Odin showing his face! Jeebus I was not expecting that! Very cool war-race, just taking what they want and leave, nuts technology. The whole training shit was a bit iffy and a filler, but there was more than enough to keep the episode going.

The whole "that's the trouble living in a virtual/augmented world" (or whatever) was pretty damn interesting. Something like that could be more of a reality soon with Hololens/Glass. Imagine when it's so mainsteam everyone is wearing it, world will be a very different place.

Arya did well throughout the episode, but then the end just took off in a whole different direction and holy-fucking-shit. Quite the mindfuck, very cool stuff. Then the second part, just great! She definitely got lucky with her role, first time on the show and gets made immortal and what hopefully looks like a recurring and important role. Was something very off about her character though, I reckon it wasn't her just being 800 years old stuck in time.. probably more like 80,000 years old and a time traveller herself just hunting artifacts or something.. but maybe still gullible or a bit strange due to human memory limitations and shit.

The whole two parter just seemed to open another door in the Doctor Who universe. It seemed to hint, beg, or scream that the universe is so much bigger than The Doctor (or we) know and that's marvellous and a tad scary at the same time. It has always felt contained in this bubble and The Doctor was all-knowing.. but now with other immortals and fucking lion princes and death-portals, it all felt like we're just scratching the surface of the unknown. I even felt a bit of a Rick and Morty vibe, just so much amazing batshit insane stuff happening so rapidly. I thought it was something really special that evolved or transcended itself, and it'll be a shame to go back to the inevitable "run away from monster of the week" formula.

So much for no ripples (or tidal waves..)
I've only seen the first episode of this season so far but it was great. When he comes out in the 'axe fight' shredding on a guitar on top of a tank it was simply amazing.

I also quite enjoy 'Missy'.
Whole season has been great, most recent episode was really well done although you are left wondering why he didn't punch a smaller hole, instead of one big enough to stroll through while twirling a cane, could have save about a billion years
Amazing season, bloody amazing. The best one yet, imo.

Loving Capaldi and his take on The Doctor, the new villains and how outrageous so many of the stories were instead of just another "oh something is happening on earth, lets solve a murder mystery and find some dumb alien". That and the 4 billion years of punching gave a whole new scope to the show/universe that I (having mostly just seen the new 2005 series) hadn't seen so exposed before.

Very impressed throughout, never a dull moment. Looking forward to the Christmas special.
I still like the first season with Amy Pond more so far.

But yeah great season, The punching through diamond was definitely a highlight, however were you not annoyed that he punched such a large hole, if he had of punched a crawling hole he could have made it out in like 1 billion years.
Also kind of annoyed me that they showed 4 billion years later as the end of the universe, pretty sure the end of the universe was shown as closer to 100 trillion years in the future before. One of the first episodes with Rose was 5 billion years into the future watching the sun expand and Earth die. Maybe I missed something?
Hmmm. I thought he was trapped in the loop for 4 billion years punching his way through, then after meeting his Time Lord bros he used the TARDIS to go right to the end of time (an undetermined amount of years forward/backwards/total) to escape them because he was a naughty boy. Unless I missed something.

Also hats off to Me, she killed every scene. Love her character, and I hope we see more.
So then is the Me that went off adventuring in Clara's half a heartbeat of life left 4 billion years or 100 trillion years old? Also a lot of people seem to think it's a cop out to keep her alive, but i'd love to watch the Me and Clara adventures
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