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Nostalrius - Vanilla WoW

on Nostalrius, because that's how we re-roll

Do we have a guild bag maker yet?
What about sharpening stones?
Trolls blood potions?

Who can I buy these off when I get back?

Is Matey lvl40 yet?
Has Popolo finished the Northwatch Hold escort quest?
I shouldI didn't get on last night either, might tonight but no promises.

I am 5 tailoring points away from Woolen Bags (8 slot) so when I do get on I think i'll be farming some humanoids.

Seriously low on cash due to enchanting, which makes playing the AH hard. Might stop d/eing those greens as it's not worth it right now.

(shut up Doc)
Yeah, there's no money in enchanting until you get the super rare enchants. I went skinning/enchanting on the og Hunterbob. Made a little bit of money off of the leather.

I haven't managed to find anything to mine yet, so my mining/blacksmithing is off to a terrific start!
kiral wrote:
I didn't get on last night either. I might go on tonight.

Willy I can make trolls blood potions. I just need earthroot for it.

So if I send a stack of earthroot you will make me pots. Sweet. I'll send a bunch on Friday.
willy wrote:
kiral wrote:
I didn't get on last night either. I might go on tonight.

Willy I can make trolls blood potions. I just need earthroot for it.

So if I send a stack of earthroot you will make me pots. Sweet. I'll send a bunch on Friday.

I only have the weak variant and it requires these ingredients:

1x Peacebloom
2x Earthroot
1x Crystal Vial
Fork wrote:

Matey and Jiminy, if there was a podcast of you two questing, I'd subscribe to that shit.

I would love to keep questing with my good buddy Matey, but apparently, i'm not leet enough any more.

Remedial wrote:
For shame bob, the levelling process should clearly be treated as an amazing race, and if you're the last to arrive at any level should be kicked out.

This isn't far from the truth lol.

Don't worry Bob, us actual casuals will continue to be casual. I'm only level 15 and I take ages to do everything because I have no idea what i'm doing or where I am most of the time and have all but forgotten how to play this game.

I've gone tailoring and herbology so I can collect some shit while I enjoy walking the game.

So far so good. This game is so fucking addictive and I find myself excited to log in pretty much all the time. I haven't had such a strong gaming addiction since BC (when I first joined Twelve). Loving the game mostly due to playing with all of you. Special shout out to Popolo for being constantly hilarious, especially when he's angry.

Launch day went well. We expected some roadblock quests and we got them - but it was significantly better than my experience on Nost. Respawn rates are much better and quests like this only took 10 minutes instead of 2 hours.

However even with great spawn rates there will still be those quests that suck dick - such as escorting this faggoty blood elf for half an hour.

But before you know it you're flying high and paying ludicrous amounts to get places faster. (Also take note of idiot Guild and Barrens chat).

"Hey Clown, you wouldn't agro that 'skull leveled' NPC". Challenge accepted. Hilarious brah.

Sometimes the lag is real. I took the opportunity to claim the Iron Throne while Thrall took all his bros on a hekkaz night out.

This is my toon now (2pm 1/4/15). I went AFK to take a poo and it seems like my toon has a mind of it's own. How rude. (it was actually me and yes Jim eats dicks).
Tested their anti cheat software and it's pretty damn good, a lot better than live. They're constantly scanning with warden and GMs are on the ball (had a few teleport to my location to see what was going on). 12 month bans for first offenders too.
willy wrote:
Please don't ruin our economy Silver.

Also, how come you didn't get bant then?

Oh I got banned alright. I made like 24 accounts within an hour and they all got banned, only three ip bans though.

It's basically trial an error to see what they're scanning for/the location of chests that aren't near mobs.
Nice update Matey. Your orc is looking pretty badass with those engineering goggles on. Headgear from that early a level is definitely a sweet bonus to your stats.

Has there been a guild WC yet? If not, maybe over the weekend we can tee one up. I see there isn't a server 60 yet, good to know nobody has found any levelling exploits like on Nost.

Looking forward to jumping online tomorrow to enjoy some ballin' rested experience.
Playing last night was a lot more interesting than my previous sessions. We did RFC and being in an instance (even when its a shitty one) really reminded me of the ways the game can actually be good. Working together to get shit done is infinitely more interesting than running around doing terribly thought out quests at a rate of about 2 per hour.
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