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1.2 billion people in India and they can't find 11 blokes to beat Australians.
Jiminy wrote:
Entire Indian fan base leaving after ms dhoni was run out. Way to support your team that has crossed half the world to compete.

Yea true. As much as we like to see out teams win the complete experience is supporting your team through the good times and bad, it makes the good times sweeter that way.
That NZ / SA game was good enough to be a final for me. Amazing. Adrenalin was coursing through me. Like the good old days with Crowe and Greatbatch. Those run chases are superb to watch.

I feel like Aussie should take it out - the better team with more depth - but kiwis fight. Can't ever rule us out. If Maccas and 2-toes can pull it together on the day, the cup could def be ours :)

Either way, going to be an amazing game!!
Congratulations Australia, once again you are champions of the cricketing world.

What a dominating performance by them today!

Well done New Zealand as well, it wasn't their best performance, but they did play terrifically to get to the final and showed guts throughout the final. In the end, the Australian side were just too good.
Starc, Clarke and Smith dominated and Warner helped steady the ship early.

Taking McCullum so early was an absolute gift, game would have been absolutely different if he could have built an innings with Guptil etc.
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