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I know most of the tournament has come and gone and we are already at the semi-finals, but I still wanted to create this thread. I felt it deserved one, especially with it being jointly hosted by Aus and NZ.

Cricket is truly a wonderful sport!!

The final fours teams battling it out for the World Cup this year are: Australia, India, New Zealand and South Africa.

Semi-final 1: New Zealand VS South Africa begins tomorrow

Semi-final 2: Australia VS India begins on Thursday (March 26)

World Cup final is 29th March (Sunday).

Currently New Zealand and India are the only undefeated teams in this World Cup, wonder if those two will meet each other in the finals or will South Africa and/or Australia have something else to say about that?

These final four teams are truly representative of the current best ODI nations in the world and wholly deserve their place in the semi-finals. I would love for South Africa or New Zealand to finally lift a world cup trophy, but I won't mind it if Australia or India win it again this World Cup.

New Zealand have made it no secret of how hungry they are this World Cup. South Africa have finally found their confidence being inspired by and led by in my opinion the current best ODI batsman in the world, AB de Villiers. India have been gaining momentum throughout the World Cup and now look incredibly dangerous. Australia are Australia and they will do what Australia do best, ruin the dreams of every other cricketing nation fan in the world.

REALLY looking forward to the semi-finals and the final.

Also, I just want to mention Guptil's innings in the quarter-final match against West Indies was truly special, that 237 was beautiful to watch.


Semi-final 1: New Zealand defeat South Africa

Semi-final 2: -
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The bookies have South Africa is favorite to beat New Zealand but this seems off. New Zealand are undefeated and South Africa have already lost to India and had a surprise loss to Pakistan. Yea South Africa has the worlds best rated player in De Villiers but this is matched my McMillan and now Guptil is on fire. I'd expect New Zealand to win that one.

Australia is clear favorite to beat India. India got hammered in their tour of Australia over the summer and I think Australia's side about the best we have had since our golden era 10 years ago. Australia has Mitch Starc who is the leading wicket taker of the tournament and batting depth that goes all the way to the end of our batting lineup (even Starc has scored 99 in a test match). The dropping of Watson has been a blessing in disguise, he has show good form in the middle of the order.

If it were to come down to a Australia vs New Zealand final it could go either way. I don't think the match which New Zealand beat Australia in is much to gauge who will win, I'd suspect the 2 teams will be a little more conservative in order to avoid battling collapses like they did in their match. If I were not Australian my self I'd be going for the underdog New Zealand, but I just think that Australia have fixed their problems they had at the start of the tournament and are too strong not to win the tournament.
cailo- wrote:
Australia has Mitch Starc who is the leading wicket taker of the tournament

Actually he is one wicket behind Trent Boult, but then again Australia only played 6 matches in this World Cup so far (out of 7) as their game against Bangladesh was rained out, so Starc would have been on top if they played that game.

Anyway I agree, Australia are definitely dangerous, especially with their mentality in which they approach each game - that they WILL win. Honestly when it comes to Australia, despite what hopeless circumstances they find themselves in in matches, you can never count them out. There is a reason for why Australia has won the World Cup so many times and with the World Cup now in their own back yard, it is going to take something incredibly special to defeat them. India did it in the last World Cup in the quarter-finals, can they do it again?

With South Africa, I guess the bookies have them as favourites because on paper South Africa have an incredibly strong side. It is impossible to factor in how exactly pressure can work its way into a game, but given South Africa's tendency to let the pressure in key moments get the best of them, it should definitely be interesting to see how they handle themselves against New Zealand in Auckland tomorrow.
When it comes to pressure in cricket, it's always the batters that feel it the most. If they're a few wickets down and in trouble in a world cup semi-final, don't expect to see any 20 ball 50s. That's the difference now in the semis, the pressure. The pressure that if you go for that big hitting six and get caught you've potentially lost the world cup for your country.

Anyway I think the Aussies have a solid chance of winning. As Cailo said our batting depth is just insane. Our whole team can bat. You really do have to get the full ten wickets to end Australia's scoring potential. The worst part for our opposition is that some of our best batters under pressure are our bowlers lol!

As long as we don't choke against India I think we'll win this world cup. The semi to watch will be the kiwis V SA and I'm working from home today so I'm pretty excite.
NZ 0 for 71 after 5 chasing 298 from 43 overs Duckworth Lewis.

Brendan McCullum is 59 off 25 balls right now. The guy is a freak he's just tonking it all around Eden Park with no fucks given.
I love this NZ side, have been such a joy to watch. Hoping they can toss the Saffas out and we can proper fuck India - hate the cunts.
Well done New Zealand getting through to the final. Well deserved, they have been the best team through out the competition.

South Africa really got screwed by the rain. They are fast scores at the end of the innings and the Duckworth-Lewis system was invented at a time when teams scored lower. Still the rules are the rules and New Zealand are the rightful winners.
Victory and defeat, the contrasting emotions that embody sport

I admit it, it sucks, it sucks badly.

I was trying to downplay how I really felt by lying to myself that I don't mind which one of these four finalist teams win the World Cup, but the New Zealand VS South Africa match made how I felt truly apparent.

I wanted South Africa to win. I believed they could win. Before I knew it, my mind and heart cast me into embracing the dream that the South African team can be World Cup champions and as such it pains so much having to accept the reality of what has actually happened, that this World Cup, South Africa won't be realising their dream.

Throughout the match, I was digging my nails into the palm of my hands hoping for the game to twist in South Africa's favour and to continue to remain that way, right through to the end when 5 runs were needed off 2 balls, my nails continued to dig into my palms, harder and harder as the end drew closer. That breath I took when Steyn bowled "that" ball, it was such a deep and heavy breath. Time effectively stood still in the moment when the ball came off Elliots bat and soared through the sky. All that hope and tension built up through the match shattered and a wave of emptiness washed over me as the New Zealand team celebrated their victory and the South African team in disbelief fell down in despair having realised that their World Cup dream was over this year.

Even after 40 hours since the result was reached, I still feel so numb and shattered. My heart still beats fast when I think back to that final over and how close South Africa were to reaching the World Cup final...

Alas, that is sport and there ALWAYS has to be a winner and a loser. Despair and jubilation go hand-in-hand.

Four more years now, four more years until South Africa have another chance at realising their and their fans dream. Maybe, just maybe...

In the end though, I feel privileged to have seen the passion in the South African's eyes and actions this World Cup and how hungry they were to change the worlds perspective of "South Africa" in a World Cup. Thank you South Africa and thank you AB de Villiers for allowing us to dream for a while, it was a magical World Cup. And this semi-final was truly a memorable one that set the tone for what it about to come in these final two games. The New Zealand VS South Africa game was the most exciting match for me in this World Cup so far.

As for New Zealand, well done! You have reached your first World Cup final and the stage has almost been set for the colossal battle that is about to take place, all that needs to be decided is who your opponent is; Australia or India? I eagerly await that match and the final that will determine the World Cup champions of 2015.

Personally, now I am supporting New Zealand, would love for a team who hasn't won the World Cup before to win it this year.

But, Australia...
South Africa took it right down to the wire no doubt. They were the first team to really scare new Zealand this world cup. I'm pretty sure NZ will win no matter who comes through to the final now too.

Well down south Africa. Great game, great sportsmanship and a great crowd.
Yea outstanding by the Aussies, apart from a sketchy patch in the middle of the Aussie innings we never looked in doubt. Steve Smith was man of the match because not only did he score 105 and caused a long range run out, but he also heard a slight nick from Jadeja that was referred and over turned the umpires decision to out. Looking forward to a packed out MCG on Sunday for the final.
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