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Howdy! Some of you may know me.. I'm that wierd person you cant get rid of that just keeps coming back randomly..

I've recently been playing with a few friends on Barthilas, We have made a guild, looking forward to raiding/pvp all that shaznick. By no means is it serious at this stage.. Just throwing idea's around to see who would be interested.. If anyone at all. Saves me trying to find some randoms. (I',m not sure if its allowed seeing as the guild has no relation to twelve but i thought i'd give it a shot if its not let me know no harm in trying eh?)
Jlab wrote:
Horde guild! Its called Primigenia its atm just me and a mate who I grew up with.

10/10, sounds like a delicious pasta I'd shave copious amounts of parmesan onto.
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