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Hunterbob wrote:
How many players is LBP3? What's the objective of the game?

I know sweet fuck all about it as you can tell. Looks a lot like a puzzle/sandbox building game to me.

4 players is the max co-op I believe. It's a 3D sides scrolling puzzle game, with custom map creation abilities.

Also seems like a few of us have minecraft for ps4 too.
So our next game is looking to be Magicka 2, which is being released on May 26th. It will likely be one of the cheaper PSN games too ($20-$30).

Gameplay is very similar to Helldivers as the first one was created by the same developers, however Magicka has more of a story line to follow.
Shit yeah, very keen. Helldivers was great but wasn't without its flaws.

A note to others who want to join, jump on Slack and join the #ps4bros channel, as that's where we'll shoot out notifications when we're going to play - and you can too =)
I have Magicka on Steam, really fun game for co-op!

Will be awesome on PS4.
So currently available games are:

- Magicka 2
- Planetside 2
- Driveclub PS+ edition

Me and Fork are gonna give Magicka 2 a go tonight if anyone else is interested.
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