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Walldy wrote:
Cheers for the links guys. I'm easy to go either faction. Even though I have been heavily advised against it, I'm going to roll a priest. Try some old school shadow. :)

If you want to play NOW, go to the op and play on Nost while we wait for Kronos.
Docilus wrote:
Why can't we just stay on Nostalrius ?

The point is that Kronos seems more sustainable and has a higher quality (by the looks of it), which will draw a lot of the Nost community to it.
Well if we are actually making the decision to start new in 11 days then we will need to choose a faction. I'd also suggest working out who is going to be playing and try work out a nice class distribution etc (play what you want but it would be great to have a solid 5 man team with different classes/loot types).
Was a good night last night. Managed to smash out pretty much all of Stonetalon Mountains; just the boss quests left. I'll go back there in a couple more levels. Also scored some Spidersilk Boots that someone put up on the AH for what could only be a mistake price of 30silver, instead of the usual 3gold.
I ran through Shadowfang Keep for the first time too. I loved every moment of it, vanilla SFK is everything I want from this game. Incredibly hard pulls, challenging mana management and nail-biting mob mechanics. Nobody died and I did get a couple of upgrades. Good group composition has been key with all the dungeons I've done so far. Need a mage in every case; conjured rations and polymorph are a must. I had double mage and a shaman for the SFK, plenty of CC. Really looking forward to Scarlet Monastery now, its gonna be EPIC!
Hi Guys,

Just found the Guild mentioned on the Khronos website, and found my way here.

Bit confused at to where you are actually playing, Khronos or Nost - Seems tobe different in every thread I read.

What was the final decision ?

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