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Hahah, I didn't even realise there was a new DBZ movie in the works (movie 19). Still need to watch the Battle of Gods movie. Toriyama has stated that this film will be a sequel to Battle of Gods film.

Interesting that the production team decided to revive "that" character, looks like we may never see the end of him in the DBZ world.

That new form...oh Frieza...

Edit: (Hahah, I just seen that Shaunz posted it in his thread, major fail Syphin, major fail...somehow I can't find how to delete this thread =/)
Yeah I realised that after I created this thread =(.

Anyway Frieza looks like a banana.

Edit: DBZ Rebirth of F special one shot manga (part 1 of 3) - mangastream
Yeah, not so sure about Frieza being a banana, but as long as the film isn't 70 minutes of spirit bomb and 30 minutes of smack talk, this should be pretty cool.

I've also yet to watch the Battle of the Gods movie, so will have to look for a good copy this week!
Apparently Vegeta has gotten a power up since the last movie, guess we'll have to see if it's actually anything of substance.

Kind of excited to see the other Z fighters actually do some fighting, as the last movie wasn't much except Bills wrecking the daylights out of everything.

Banana Frieza looks okay to me, at least they didn't re-design his "Final" Final form to look like complete shite.
ratchan wrote:
New drinking game. Everytime one of Friezas army gets killed off, take a shot of any drink of your choice.

It'd be better if you drink for everytime a character yells out their opponents name, an extra shot every second if the yell lasts longer than 2 seconds.


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