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Metadata Retention Laws

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Metadata has been a hot topic in Australia lately, and it now seems to be the time to get a bit worried.

Metadata retention laws will pass as Labor folds

The Federal Government's controversial $400 million plan to force telecommunications providers to store the metadata of all phone and internet users for two years will go ahead after the Labor party agreed to support the move.

The support will be featured in the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security's report into the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Amendment (Data Retention) Bill 2014 that is due to be tabled in Parliament later today.

Metadata can include everything from basic phone call statistics to specific information like the location of a smartphone user at the time an internet surfing session takes place.
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Ok so some politicians are passing a bill about some technical shit, why should I give a fuck?

What Metadata Retention looks like: Prepare to be shocked

For many people in Australia, clicking the following link will make them gasp.

For the increasingly few of us who haven't used a Google account on a smartphone (or who currently haven't signed in), what you'd be looking at is your Location History plotted on a map. Unless you've actively taken steps to stop it, Google has been automatically recording of your location every 45 seconds and time stamping each coordinate.

- snip -

Here it is up close. This is part of my (now very public) trip down to Bowral. My position has been recorded every 45 seconds. You can literally go back in time and see if I was speeding!

- snip -

Just think of the fun you could have with all that information and some low-level programming skills which, say, automatically went through records and found search terms for people's embarrassing medical problems (which would also be stored as metadata) with nearby trips to doctors' offices, clinics or hospitals.

You could find out where people of note spend their time, whether they're celebrities, politicians, criminals, journalists, whistleblowers, ex-girlfriends or husbands. You could see what shock-jocks get up to when they're not on the radio? Which celebrities are meeting up with other celebrities and at which times of day? Or night. You'd be able to set up alerts if someone went somewhere unusual or to a location they shouldn't be near.

Turning your phone off only highlights gaps in the timeline and draws attention to areas in which you've been. Imagine, for instance, analytics being able to identify all phones that get turned off for an hour in the exact same location as brothels?

With no warrant needed, this is all easily available to bored police officers and officials. Presumably related professionals such as private investigators could make enquiries too.
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What happened to “People shouldn't be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people” ?

Time to abandon the internet?

Keep calm, carry on?
Yeah, this is a terribad idea. They're just faltering to pressures from Big Brother A.K.A. USA World Police. All this is going to do, is spawn a number of vpn and masking services for people to remove themselves from the monitored network.
Hunterbob wrote:
All this is going to do, is spawn a number of vpn and masking services for people to remove themselves from the monitored network.

Can't wait until they deem those folk "Proxy Pirates" (a la Netflix) for circumventing government surveillance and start prosecuting people for it.

*Puts on tinfoil hat*

Or is it their plan that everyone uses VPNs and will have reduced internet speed, cutting down TV/Movie piracy?
Fork wrote:

That link is amazing.

This is me flying to Bali, early last year:

This is me going 4wheeel bike riding in Bali:

This is me discovering Arak in Bali:

This is March 2014:

This is April 2014:

And this is me going to my brothers wedding in Derby. I drove up, but flew back:
The ALP are going to support this as well, so it isn't merely a "Fuck Tones" policy move - this is bi-partisan double penetration of the Australian public.

Not like you can vote them both out next election, so we can just sit here begrudgingly as they pump their hot loads into our collective anuses.
I have my data turned on, have a google account and am constantly using Google maps/every other form of Internet things (even the dodgy ones),, but I don't have any location data?

Seems like a super shitty thing, but how 'usable' is it?
They'll use it to track organised crime/threats to national security.

I don't want it to happen, but I'm also pretty sure they don't care if you were looking at scat porn in a MacDonald's play ground.
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