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Diablo 3 - Do it all again

Season 4, mates

So it turns out Season 4 is damn fun. I'm having a blast playing this at the moment and I think the cube is a great addition.

I'll be playing it for at least another week so anyone else that might be interested: jump on, join the Twelve clan and find some people to play with.
You've come so far from the little fella I carried through all those levels. Makes me feel so proud /sniff
I'm really happy with my progress so far. I cleared Tier 26 Greater Rift yesterday and I think with my new gear I'd be able to do around T30 now.

Also Zug started yesterday and is already paragon 200+

So my Crusader was able to clear Greater Rift Tier 35 after a week.

I made a Monk on the weekend and it was able to clear Greater Rift Tier 47 after two days. Balance!

With the Crusader I enjoyed following my own build and doing what seemed cool. With the Monk, I'm fully netdecking it and just copying the build (skills / items / stat priorities) entirely and the amount of damage this thing can do is absurd. Get exploding palm procced on a group of mobs, press the 'Seven-sided Strike' button and watch the nuke go off. Each enemy hit by SsS explodes the palm, each exploded palm applies exploding palm to every enemy hit so it's just a massive chain reaction and things go from 99% health to dead in under a second (well...unless you're doing GRift 45+).

As an added bonus, here's a video of a guy solo levelling 1-70 in under 10 minutes:

Note: requires paragon level 600+ and a full set of level 70 whirlwind barb gear with level requirements removed (which by my calculations would require ~92 greater rifts to be able to level enough "Gem of Easing"s to level 25).
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