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Eurovision 2015

Guy SebastAustravision

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My gf told me about this, this morning.

It's pretty stupid really, as, first and foremost: Australia isn't a part of Europe, and secondly: Australia isn't a part of Europe.
Hunterbob wrote:
Jiminy wrote:
I'm having trouble with your second point. Are you implying Australia is in some way not not a part of Europe?

No. I'm trying to say it's not.

It's not?
I can't believe we're letting Europe take part in Austravision.
Spoon wrote:
Spoon wrote:
I hope we're going to be keeping it surreal like the rest of Europe instead of just sending Guy Sebastian like we usually do for this sort of thing

Guy Sebastian to compete for Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest … ng_contest

Isn't that against the rules? I thought only amateurs/non-signed artists could compete? Straya fucking up all the rules.
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