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New members please make a thread and say hi! We're not evil or anything, promise.
I'm Leayra (or James in meatspace, if you'd prefer) from Sydney and I've been playing WoW on and off since the end of Burning Crusade as a Horde hunter on Frostmourne. Recently, I decided to engage flip mode and dabble in the Alliance as a druid healer. I'm still getting used to the lack of unnecessary spikes.

I casually raided all through Wrath, a bit of the beginning of Cataclysm, and then took a break until the end of Mists when my old Horde guild reformed to do Siege. Aside from raiding, and a sprinkling of PvP, I collect pets, go exploring, and actually read quest text — I did Loremaster before the Cataclysm went and messed it all up, which was pretty challenging and fun. Outside of gaming I design websites, listen to a lot of music, take photographs, and love film and television.

Pleased to meet you!

Hey there James. I'm the head moderator here so figured I had best extend a formal welcome. We are a WoW group who take raiding very seriously. We also like to collect lots of those purple crystals. In fact, we are ALL ABOUT the phallic shaped apexis crystals. So if you have some, we'd like them please.

We also love for you to post as many threads as possible; Matey kind of demands it.

Otherwise welcome, expect lots of positive vibes and support for everything you choose to say and do.


- Peace

P.S. always ignore everything I say and do (now and in future)
Counterfitt has been the guild leader and head moderator since high school, which is surprising since he only has 84 posts, yet those 84 posts are some of the best posts in the history of the 12 forums.

Are websites your full time job, or just on the side?

Favourite meal to eat?

Favourite meal to cook?
Welcome brain!
Hi, pies!


Websites are indeed my full time job. I can't pick a favourite meal to eat. It's too circumstantial. Don't make me choose, Frodo! Do you have a favourite meal to eat? I did make chicken Marbella a little while ago, which was pretty good.

Counterfitt, here are the crystals your require. I hope they are sufficient.

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