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If you hate apples, that's cool. so did i till i got one. but for those of you who know something about them, updates...??

they come out all the time and half the time i am not impressed. anyone upgraded to iOS 8.1.3?

I'm on an iPhone 4S. it's 64GB so has some space but still. is it worth it? I'm on 8.1.1
You're already on the newest major release. Small point releases are mostly just bugfixes and stability things.

Upgrading major releases (7 -> 8 for example) have the highest chance to hurt performance on the older phones. So you want to wait and see what the eager beavers have to say for those.

So basically, you might as well.
Doing it now. Good to know. Thanks

And sorry for clogging your forums. I'll back off soon. Just got back to my uni town early and no-one is around (hence the game) so basically filling time for another week.
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