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Counterfitt wrote:
So came across this website but am now wondering what it is all about?!

Welcome to Twelve, you godless heathen.

Repent thine sins now, thy sin of joining with the maggot-farming <ASC> tribe.

They, of the unwashed masses, and of the tangled neckbeards.
allow what? ahaha, wish i'd known what you were writing at the time. see you all looking at my fine village. bitches be like 'dayym! that one fine ass piece of computerised... stuff"
and i see you wastey, hitting on my tribe member boriscon. this ain't no swingers orgy. yo ass bout to get wiped! (what the hell? since when do i type like some african american single wife from the bronx?!).

anyways, that province is mine. not for the game, but for me so i'm gonna let him kill your troops ;)
ain't that far across the ditch dude. then again, having been bred from rejected fellons i expect no better. that said, 6 fingers would make hanging on to me missus a lot easier. the old man always gives her a hair cut this time of year and all that lanolin makes her hard to grip to no end! still, she's a beaut and wouldn't trade her for the world
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