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Word to the wise: There's a video at the bottom if you don't want to sit through the disgusting gifs.

Hanlol wrote:
Rule of any gif blog: Always scroll to the bottom and check for a video first.

Rule of any gif blog: Avoid them all like the plague.

This one definitely brought the feels though, good find Matey.

And then the dad is dead. God damn.
Aside from most of the "sharks" ignorance of people and greed, that was great so see that guy out to help, rather than for money, and actually get the help he needs to distribute. Hopefully he manages to land a good rate to sell and distribute without screwing over the little guys.
At the end of the day they need a few of the sharks to be cunts just for drama - it's a TV show.

I wonder if the product has taken off. The guy that went partners with him said "maybe 6 or 7 dollars per unit". Sure, there will be distribution costs, employee costs, etc, but if they're selling tens of thousands in one transaction you would have to assume that there would be some tidy profits. At the end of the day it's just nice to see a kind man get recognition for being such a great human being.

When people cry, I cry
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