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Hey there,

I´m Thallos. My real name is Sören but anything close to Soren is perfectly fine by me ;)

I´m german but live in Perth at the moment to study. My language is not perfect, but I can ask my way around, get food and a beer ;)

I started playing WoW during Classic at European servers but never played it any seriously (e.g. never raided at all). Honestly, I´m the worst casual you´ve ever seen ;)
I also have a Mage at lvl 100 in the guild (Nuramon) but the char is boosted and I grew fairly tired of playing mage.

My normal life constists of work at uni, meeting friends and doing ridicoulus amounts of sport (volleyball, beach volleyball, soccer, running, …) whenever time allows it.
But not having a TV makes some time for WoW in the evenings every now and then.

Alright, I guess that´s me.
See you around ;)
Thanks guys.

I was already waiting for the german comments ;) Nope, I don´t like dirty whores and no german girls are just as every other girl :P

I´m at UWA doing my PhD in chemistry. Doesn´t mean I´m smart though. Probably means the opposite ;)
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