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Office Drone Hive 2015

Consider Frustoconical Ladders

Fork wrote:
To make things better, one tech is on annual leave and two others called in sick. Fucking cunts, I am now doing the job of 5 people while the last one is down moving the actual servers.

How's that blood pressure going, Forkeh?
Nonu wrote:
fun, how'd u go?

Yeah crushed it.

Hopefully find out after the Easter break, only nagging concern is that they're aware I'm still finishing my thesis but I've (attempted to) reassured them that it wouldn't get in the way of full time work it totally would.
Remedial wrote:

and more not working, we've even got some sort of charity gardening thing today where we go do gardening at a downies house instead of normal work

Fucking government bludger.
The gardening work doesn't get charged to the government though, it's the rare time when the government isn't getting charged a dick load for me to be there most days.
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