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Office Drone Hive 2015

Consider Frustoconical Ladders

Some people here still use Outlook for Mac 68BC, I don't think they've heard of Office365 or Google Apps before. It's hard to get people to change their routine even when it will end up saving so much time.

At least I dont have to use Lync, so it's not all bad.

Why do you use JIRA and Trello kiral? Seems redundant.
Of the various things that have been mentioned (or are related), we use Jabber, Lync (support staff use it since it connects with the phone systems), Zendesk, RT, Active Collab, Asana (designers only) and New Relic.

Of those: Jabber, Zendesk and New Relic are good and the rest are garbage.

I use Trello to keep track of my personal to do lists.
Clownshoes wrote:
Why do you use JIRA and Trello kiral? Seems redundant.

Devs use JIRA, I use Trello for personal and marketing related tasks. I don't really need all the extra features included in JIRA.
willy wrote:
Can you tell me how to win $15000?

Buy-in for 10k, play a $50 colour and put chips everywhere. HAM strategy. The guy ended up leaving the table about 30k up from his original buy-in.

Its not often I get to see players using such large amounts of money on the main gaming floor, so it was a nice break from the $2.50 tables.

Fun wrote:
One of my close friends here in Melbourne has been a deal with Crown for 3 years, sounds like a brutal and frustrating job.

He hates the hours, people and management but he's trained enough to be making a fair bit of money doing it.

Still don't think I'd last a fucking month there from the shit he tells me though.

From what I've gathered so far, Melbourne is a lot more different to Perth. There's a lot more babysitting in Perth. We have 1 Supervisor per 4 Roulette tables, at all times. Apparently Melbourne is more along the lines of 1 per 12 tables (Or thereabouts) so there is more repercussion for doing things wrong.

Some people really like the job and others, like your friend, despise it. Its extremely repetitive and my acquaintances are finding it depressing just taking everyone's money. Out of the 19 people who started, I think myself and only 1 other are actually enjoying it.

I find it extremely easy to walk away from a table and not dwell on anything that happened or what has been said to me, when I go back on the Floor I'm on a different table with a bunch of new people. I'm unsure of how the benefits work over in Melbourne but the ones I get here are really helping me like the job more.

Hunterbob wrote:
What are the hours like working as a dealer?

As for me: Day 2 and I'm bored already. Fantasies of escape have already begun.

I'm on Permanent Part-Time night shift. My hours fall in between 6pm - 6am with my most common shift being 8pm - 4am. I'm on Monday to Friday this week, all working the 8am - 4pm shift. Its also possible to call up everyday and ask for a shift the following night, A chinese guy I trained with works 5 - 6 days a week just from calling up. I personally won't do that until my pay gets increased!
Second time you've mentioned benefits without explaining further. Please explain further.

A friend used to work for Burswood (before it was Crown) and she got cheap hotels in all Burswood/Crown chained hotels around the world and shit like that. That was years ago, are yours the same or similar?
They used to get dirt cheap rooms, $55 a night for Intercontinental world wide. Under the new rule of Supreme Leader Packer, its more around the $200 mark for Crown in Australia. Which is a terrible downgrade that a lot of the senior staff won't stop talking about (Understandably).

Here's some of the benefits I remember off the top of my head:

  • Uniform provided
  • Free Laundering (Cheap dry cleaning for personal items)
  • Discounted hotel rooms
  • Free Food on shift (Buffet style)
  • up to 25% discount on restaurants at Crown for myself and 7 other people (Includes drinks at Merrywell)
  • Raffle-style entry for tickets to shows at Crown Theatre

The ones in bold are my favourites so far.

There's also a lot of staff events, recently they hired out Adventure world for a day just for employees and their friends/families.
kiral wrote:
If anything uniform provided should be in italics, because you have to wear a uniform, and italics means something is bad.

Good point Kiral.
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