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So we're pregnant!!

babby time

cailo- wrote:
Grats Jim. Maybe to the contrary of other opinions I think you will make a pretty dam good parent.

Haha, I'm pretty sure this is the popular opinion. Despite being a bitter old man, he will do well in raising a hipster child.
thorment wrote:
Gratz Jim! Got any idea what you'll name him/her?

A few ideas. Nothing set in stone yet. No idea of the sex although we think it's a boy.

We've already got it some V neck jumpsuits and will be forcing it to wear scarfs and beanies in inappropriate weather, Bob.
Grats Jimmy
Cheers all.

Seylana wrote:
Are you going to do the old fashion child rearing where they get a slap sometimes and are allowed to eat dirt and glue on occasion>

I wasn't really aware that was considered old fashion. To be honest I have no idea how or what kind of a parent i'll be. I'm just going to do the best I can.
This is currently the babies favourite (or most hated) song. It kicks up a storm whenever it's on :)

Edit: to include video without 1 min cinematic intro
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Just had our 12 week scan (we're 13 weeks as of tomorrow). I never really understood what everyone meant by "BRO it all changes after that 12 week scan BRO", but now I get it.

BRO, it's fucking amazing.

Check out this poser.
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