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Fun wrote:
niggalolz wrote:
Im in yo for da lolz

I have absolutely no idea who you are, but you are more than welcome to come along and

Yeah, I dont think i was around during your time !
anyways. 1483 wins 988 losses
5044 solo and 5484 party MMR.
im a nerd.
Fully intending to fire up the pain train at 6PM to try and be more accommodating, so in 4.5 hours from this post.

If we have 10 we'll just do the BO3 Captain's Draft, if we have 12+ we'll fool around with the teams and do a play off and then the BO3.

Just comes down to who shows up.
I've also made a few awards to be given out at the end of the tournament. They are as follows:

UNICEF Award: Player most likely to feed all of Africa.

Chief's Shoulders: Player most likely to carry 4 other people on their back.

The Wonderbra: Player most likely to give great support and uplift.

The Lone Ranger: Player most likely to disregard team to acquire win.

Shere Khan Award: Player most likely to enter jungle and not re-appear for 45 minutes.

The Techies Memorial Shield: Player most likely to just be straight up annoying.

Eric Banner Rage Trophy: Player most likely to get angry at everyone.

Foreign Legion Award: Player most likely to surrender early.

Feel free to add more.
If you haven't started yet, I've played a little smite and Dota if you need a complete noob to fill out a team
Spent 3 hours with the missus at the hospital and when I came back, discovered a huge update. I don't think I will be able to partake as it is currently taking way too long for it to be finished in 20
Hope ya'll ok, and also that you didn't hide the fact your wife is preggers from us too!

I'm catching up on some foruming and will be on shortly, but hit me up if you need me sooner.
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