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I was reflecting about the games of 2014 and thought it would be interesting to hear what everyone's opinion of the best/worst games of 2014.

My vote for worst game of 2014 - Theif. Such a boring and uninspired games. Majority of the game was spent pushing square and looking in chest drawers. The whole game was just also 3 shades of grey.

Watchdog would be my vote for the 2nd worst game. Overhyped and underdelivered. Now that GTA5 is available on PS4 there is absolutely no reason to get it.

My favourite game of 2014 goes to Wolfenstein. Such an over the top story line, but in a good way. Heaps of epic boss fights and some great scenery.

My second favourite game is Dragon Age Inquisition. Sooooo many quests to do and so many dialogue options. It's quite a bit of fun and can easily soak up the hours.

What what about you guys?
Best for me was probably Shadows of Mordor or Dragon Age.

I really didn't end up liking Destiny, so that probably is on my list of worst games for me. Also didn't much care for Assassin's Creed Unity.

But my biggest crushing disappointment was Civilization: Beyond Earth - just fell so flat and lacked depth and features.
I didn't play too many games on the whole, but here goes:

Destiny was a good game and really needed to be played with others. Not my best, but I have gotten a lot of enjoyment out of it and plenty of good times raiding.

When Watchdogs came out, I loved it. Chicago was great and missions were good, but now that I got GTAV for Christmas and have started playing it, I can see where all of its downfalls were. GTAV stands above GTAIV in every aspect, and above Watchdogs with how easily the story flows, as well as the grand scale of the world.

The Last of Us has been amazing. Great story and characters, but once Destiny came out, I stopped playing. I tried to pick it up again, but the controls were so unintuitive that I couldn't continue onwards from the difficult spot I saved in.

As for best game I've played this year? Fallout New Vegas from the recent steam sale. Destiny in a close second for all the fun multiplayer, but FNV, even though it's an old game, is just so god damned enjoyable.
World of Warcraft best game for me, spent so many hours in there again. Worst game was Civ Beyond Earth.
Titanfall was the best game for me. The downfall of it was the graphics irritated my eyes and caused them to get bloodshot after 30 minutes. Also the lack of single player campaign was an issue.

Worst game for me was Total War Rome. The game was riddled with bugs and game breaking crashes/issues, the patches didn't resolve a lot and it killed any potential momentum/enthusiasm you had for the game. The ability to playback previous version saved games is what put the nail in its coffin. Easily could be my favorite, but those issues ruined it.
Oh shit I forgot about Titanfall, that was definitely worse than Destiny.
Favourite game this year would have to be Destiny.

You had to play it with friends to get the most out of it, and thankfully we had a great little group of dedicated guardians that made this something special. It had a rocky launch and copped a lot of backlash, but the community is still active and supportive and the developers are responsive and making the game better all the time. With a 10 year plan, the foundations of the game are very strong which is the most important thing here - it is only going to get bigger and better with each patch and expansion. I hope the community sees it improving with each expansion and brings more people on board.

Runner up would probably be a toss up between Watch Dogs, Assassins Creed Black Flag and Infamous Second Son. Now sure how I could rate anything higher than being a mother fucking pirate though.

Worst game would probably be TLOU. Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful game and is gripping and all that shit, but I just don't feel myself wanting to play it. It's fucking depressing and tense and powerful, which I just don't want from my playing sessions right now. I do hope to give it another real shot down the track though.
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