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Deep House

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Clown, got a link with all the Deep House music from that night on the balcony?

You know the one. Candles, romance, talking about cyclopses and The Rock.

I shall reward thee with a flying cat:

Was the other night we were listening to those songs that were like 5 songs but it was actually one song.. was that Darkside? Trying to remember for download purposes.

Do you know The Rock?
I'm going to go really broad and just start posting shit. Some are Deep some are just nice vibes.

Defected and Spinnin' are good labels for it in general.

Edit: Forgot about this piece of gold

And I'll end just by flat out posting my likes and this playlist of mixes I'm accruing.

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Seylana wrote:
Those songs that were like 5 songs but it was actually The Rock?

Not chillidium but still incredible.

cailo- wrote:
I do enjoy chilling out to a bit of house music.

Yeah baby, but how deep do you chill?
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