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I haven't had the need to rip a CD for fucking ages, but old mate next door wants to back up his collection so he can play it through his new fandangled car bluetooth.

Wondering if anyone has had any experience with this in the last decade.

I used to use CDex and a quick google shows it's still kicking and apparently highly rated on source forge, but if there's something easier for an old fella to use I thought I may as well put the feelers out.

The auto tagging of what album/song it is would help greatly too, from memory CDex did that but it was a bit iffy.
Yeah I certainly haven't done this in a long time, but I remember also using CDex. Once set up it was pretty much just a case of putting it in the drive and pressing F9 [or whichever button started it] then it took care of the rest.

If you help him with the initial setup it should just be a case of 'press the go button' which I doubt he'd struggle with.
I use shitty iTunes for my music still so the import feature is pretty good on that and it updates all the song/artist/album art shit. Once its imported you can just copy and paste the songs into a folder to play them elsewhere.
flashback to 1998
Saw old mate yesterday and he said he tried then got lost, so I'm going to have to walk him through it again some time.
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