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Another great meet everyone. I hope you all had a good time, and we'll see you next year =)

Quiz was great, 4 rounds felt like the perfect amount and the prizes were great, mostly the pig hats.

Treasure Hunt thing was a whole lot of fun, I think if someone's keen to put in the effort that could be a staple at all future meets.

Werewolf was fun like usual, I think, I was very drunk.

Melg, how'd the half-tyre go on the way home?

Hobz did you get all the way to Sydney safe and sound?

Stacey and I had a full day of travel yesterday. Three hour drive to airport, five hours waiting for the plane, four hours sitting on a plane. What a fucking day, then up before 6am for work today hooray!

Shame we didn't get Marli, Klex or Actus stopping in for a day/night as they had planned but shit happens.

Was fantastic to see Bain, Hekate and the adorable Aedan though, thank you for making the trip down guys <3
That vine was certainly my masterpiece.

Melg's wheelbarrow spare tyre was certainly interesting. As we were beginning our journey from the house, we were travelling down the gravel road when suddenly there were loud car noises and the car stopped moving properly. Melgan's first reaction was "DID THE WHEEL JUST FALL OFF??"

Turns out we had just bottomed out since the car was packed to the brim and the gravel in the middle was raised. A slight turn to the left and we were back on track again.

This is what it looked like as we were transporting the garbage from the house to the bins with Clown holding it out the window while his seatbelt made angry noises:

We then had an hour and a bit in Torquay while waiting for the new tyre to get fitted and we used that time to have a very delicious breakfast.

Certainly another excellent meet all around, I very much look forward to next year's meet having the second scavenger hunt!
I thoroughly enjoyed this years meet, as fucking usual of course! So many adventures I have lost count!

I managed to get everyone home without killing us so thats a success in my book. The tyre scare was pretty intense, but we replaced it in Torquay and I got to keep the spare for the next time I need to make my car look like a wheelbarrow. It turns out that not only did it have massive chunks taken out of the side but there was a screw in it also. So thanks to those who helped me put the spare on and for the fully sik car advice.

Im already planning what to put in next years Scavenger Hunt so you guys better prepare your anuses.

Favourite parts of the meet: Quiz & Hunt, Cliff Spliffs, and meeting brand new Twelvians (who turned out to be totally awesome!)

Thanks everyone for making it yet another unforgettable time, already cant wait for next year!
Thanks heaps for a great time, I haven't let loose like that in a good while; fun times were definitely had.

The 10 hour trip home was safe and eventful, I got a picture of a roadwork sign and a cow to add to my collection.

Glad to hear your tyre got sorted out Seylana, always happy to help out. :P

If the next meet is anything like that one was, i'll be staying tuned!

Fucking iPhone photos.

Anyway, just found that on my phone.

Well played, whoever "Big Ears" is.
I'm sure Matey would happily martyr himself for Cailo, his
flying spaghettio monster

I was really drunk and was like SHIT SON i NEED to write them a note. I asked around for a pen but no pen could be found, so I used a crayon. Clown and I decided that replacing the 'S' with a 'Z' was probably the best way to articulate our appreciation. The "big ears" was to follow the "cheers".

I honestly was a big worried about it the next morning, thinking maybe Fork would be upset. Turns out the dumb things I do are accepted as awesome.
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