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The Maze Runner (2014)

Now with less maze

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This movie sounded like it would make me dumber just from looking at the poster. Come on, first a movie based off the Battleship board game and now a goddamn maze. What's next, a movie based off a game of hopscotch?

Anyway, I gobble up teenage drama scifi set in the dystopian future like nobody's business so I thought I'd give it a shot.

It was much better than expected. The tribe culture, their stringent rules, the maze itself and the baddies that roam it were all pretty cool with how it all came together. It felt a little rushed at times, but worked well enough.

It's got Jojen Reed from Game of Thrones and Effy from Skins in it, but they play pretty minor parts.

The big reveal at the end was a bit of a cop out though, "oh we wanted to study how developing brains handled stress" or whatever "so we put you in a maze LOL". Also, "PS you're still in the program you just don't know it LOLOL" was a bit silly.. but oh well.

Looking forward to the inevitable sequel!
It felt like it was a 'lets ride the Hunger Games concept' type of thing. It had the classic sterotypes: The Hero, the love interest, the egotistical guy that doesn't like the main character, the useless nice guy, etc. It's worth a watch depending on how much free time you have.
Definitely had a Hunger Games feel to it, but I felt it was different enough in concept that it could stand on its own - surprisingly.

All of the cliche'd character stereotypes were present as you said, though there was a surprising amount of action and progression which I didn't expect. I really liked that we saw the maze baddies too, it wasn't the usual cheap-ass scary hidden monster thing for long.
I agree with the progression. That movie could have been drawn out over two - by hollywood standards.

I feel like that could have taken more time portraying the life they had before the main bro started causing shit.

I did enjoy when they reached the office and the video played of her shooting herself, then he turns to see the room where her body was
Am I the only one who was actually hoping for more Maze Running?

The focus was less on the maze and more on the exit, which was quite sad as the Maze was really awesome and could have used with some more highlighting, especially with the changes that go on at night and those constructed beasts.

Also I expected the movie to be more of a survival horror, a group of characters trapped inside a maze trying desperately to escape while running for their lives from both the maze and its beasties. The fact that there was a "safe zone" and the contestants weren't forced to run the maze detracted immensely from the creativeness and vastness of the Maze. Instead we have a story where everyone except one guy is fine living trapped for the rest of their lives. I feel the "safe zone" should have been changed each night when the Maze moves instead of it being stationary right in the middle of the Maze. At least then, the characters would have been forced to run the Maze and put their lives on the line trying to get to the next "safe zone".

Sure the "safe zone" became unsafe in the latter half of the movie, but I rather the characters die while running the maze and in essence highlight it, then die while running in some dam field or house, which is how the majority of the characters died.

I had expected the film to be something like Cube (1997), but the Maze Runner wasn't as dark.

Still I enjoyed watching this movie and am looking forward to a sequel - mainly because the main character is awesome and if not for him, we wouldn't have seen any of the maze in this movie...
I watched this last week because it was on TV in my hotel and I had nothing better to do. It had some entertaining action and some pretty awful characters.

The maze itself was the best character and had some cool shit going on (like those cool "blades"). The antagonist (the weird looking kid from We're The Millers) was certainly the stupidest character.

I actually thought (like Syphin did) that it was a bit of a shame that they'd already mapped out the whole maze and figured out the patterns etc. I think they could have had a movie before this one where the first kids arrive and start discovering the maze part by part (and introduce the running aspect) and just dying rapidly until they start figuring things out.

Then introduce hero kid and do the things from this movie. Either way it was a decent enough way to spend a few hours. I'll likely download the next one when it's available.

Was very surprised at the second Maze Runner movie, The Scorch Trials.

I really enjoyed the twist at the end of the first Maze Runner movie. It was a bit cliche but it was dumped on us from out of the blue, and was just so outlandish from the rest of the movie. I didn't have too many hopes for this second one thinking it may have jumped the gun, but found it very solid and entertaining.

After seeing the second movie, it all fits together really well. It makes sense how they rushed past the Maze part of the first movie (was already explored, etc) and explains why it was there, where the monsters came from, and much more.

The Scorch biome was absolutely brutal, and the Crankers were a pretty great twist on zombies. Seeing the Crankers in their different incarnations was very cool, from the underground nests, the freshly turned, and the toppled skyscraper overgrown with the ripened more-plant-than-human variety. Then there was the generic parts with the infected friend, the 'antidote' and where it came from, warring factions, paradise, recovered memories etc.

Lots of interesting characters, more twists, more running, more good stuff.

Do recommend.
Turns out I liked the maze much more than zombies yet again. I thought this one was a lot less interesting as the thing I enjoyed most about the first one was the mystery and possibilities associated with this huge, crazy maze.

This one I felt like most things were very predictable, 'this person is a bad guy', 'this place is a trap', 'this person is going to get infected', 'this person will betray them', 'this person is going to get captured by the bad guys so they can be rescued next movie' etc.

One scene I did really like was when they were escaping the WCKD facility and they see a guard around the corner and they all start running away but then the asian guy turns around and runs full speed into the wall just as the guard comes around the corner. Bad ass.

I'm pretty sure I'd happily watch an infinite amount of dystopian teen war movies because there's always excitement and a very energetic pace, but this one just fell a lot flatter for me than the first one.
Spoon wrote:
Turns out I liked the maze much more.….

Couldn't agree more. I only watched the second one because I enjoyed the first. I felt like the maze thing had something unique in comparison to other movies within the genre (Hunger Games, Divergent), but now it's just like.. Rebel courageously against (or run away from) the bad guys trying to suck your blood - also run away from zombies.
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