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Congratulations go to Hanlol for winning Post of the Month for November 2014.

Below is the post in its entirety. The original post: 'Re: [POTM] for October 2014'.


Hanlol wrote:
Shrewmkin wrote:
Seylana wrote:
Rofl.. win POTM from quitting my job. Thanks guys!

Pity POTM votes.

Isn't pity the only reason you have friends? It's not such a bad thing.
In second place we have cailo- with the post: 'Re: 6 WEEKS TO GO [MUST REPORT IN]'.


cailo- wrote:
moss wrote:
Unable to make it. I decided to take up summer school and get two more Masters units tackled over the Christmas period. Enjoy fellas.

I look forward to hearing war stories.

Which now brings us to our Posters of the month. These are the people that received the most overall votes for their posts throughout the month.

1) Spoon with a total of 11 votes

2) Hanlol with a total of 11 votes

3) Fork with a total of 7 votes

Congratulations to all the winners and we hope to see even more quality content from everyone next month!
Statistics for November 2014

Threads started: 62
Total posts: 1618

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Image likes: 22

Images uploaded: 130

Active members: 63
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