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I really enjoyed the movie.

I liked how it mimicked A New Hope a bit it made it feel nostalgic in a movie which was fundamentally different. I think one of the main differences come from how the force is treated, it was more of an enigma and a possible myth, but "It's true, all of it."

There is no master of the force as the main character here just the search for Luke master of the light side and Snoke master of the dark side both ominously in the background. Instead we have Kyle Ren and Rey.

Kylo Ren is no master of the force, his life started dark and is tempted by the light, the opposite of his grand father who started in the light and is tempted by the dark. Kylo wants to finish the work that his grandfather started but he fails to see that his idol his grandfather learned that the dark side was the wrong way to go in the end. He is like your typical sociopath, a child in a man's body angry at the world around him. When he pulled off his helmet I was impressed by how much he reminded me of Anakin before he became Darth.

Rey is even more interesting. Some people say it was a far stretch for her to do things with the force that take years but this could be explained if her Midi-chlorian levels are off the charts. The greatest mystery of the movie which we will be on the sides of our chairs wondering untillthe next movie comes out in 1 1/2 years is who is she? Why was she abandoned by her parents? Who are her parents? Is she Luke's daughter? If she is Luke's daughter Luke must of betrayed the rules of the jedi and knocked some girl up. If she is Luke's daughter, who did Luke knock up to make Rey so powerful? Hans Solo know who she is. This article does a good job of explaining what is know about her. … tion.html#

When Rey approaches Luke at the end of the movie his face is of sorrow yet you feel as if he knew this moment was inevitable, it could be that Luke took her to Jakku to protect her, does Luke now have to face the truth he wants to hide from but he knows he cant? So much of this movie mimics A New Hope, Maz telling Rey "Whoever you were waiting for on Jakku, they’re never coming back. But there’s someone who still can: Luke.” That reminds me of Obi Wan Kanobi lieing to Luke about the story of his father and I think it creates more evidence that she is Luke's daughter. That's just speculation all in good fun.

Anywoo I spent more time writing this than I expected. You think the movie was bad Sherm? Its easy to find the bad in things, its a a challenge to find the good in things. Pay attention to what's going on around you with a glass half full attitude and you will enjoy life more. :P
cailo wrote:
Some people say it was a far stretch for her to do things with the force that take years but this could be explained if her Midi-chlorian levels are off the charts.

I thought it was fun. It didn't feel like the best movie ever, but it was definitely enjoyable to watch and kept me interested the whole time. Certain scenes were awe-inspiring and...others fell flat. In the end, I paid too damn much to see it as usual but what can you do when its for a birthday?!
As someone who has seen the other movies years ago and kinda forgot what was going on, I thought this movie was pretty great and easy enough to keep up with.

Can't wait to find out who Rey's father/mother is, and all the rest of it.

Bring on the next installment!
Docilus wrote:
Anyone seen this Tie Fighter short before? Pretty decent.

That was pretty cool.

I would have enjoyed Clone Wars (or even finished watching it) with this kind of animation style. And perhaps better storylines, too, haha.
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