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Fork wrote:

Ruggedly handsome x-wing pilot.

That is not an X-wing. Looks more like a T-wing or Z-95 Hunter.
Hunterbob wrote:
So does the outer hull of the engine rotate as the pivot point (engine remaining stationary)? I do and don't like it.

To me it appears that the engine is in fact two semi circular engines.
I think I'm at the point where I don't want to see anything new that gets released until I actually watch the movie, but that will likely be pretty hard to achieve as this shit is going to be everywhere.

The new canon list (second link above) is interesting though. I'm slowly making my way through the canon comics I could find.

Much more interested in Kanan in Star Wars Rebels now after I know his back story, and eagerly awaiting the last issue to be released this month!
It was good, but the cinema I watched it in was a huge let down so I don't think I got the full experience. The sound wasn't loud enough, too little bass, there was no ambience. It made Kylo seem like a dork especially when he talked, and the chemistry between a lot of people just felt wonky and off.

Want to see it again at the cinemas to try get a better experience, and then a couple of times in the home theater when the Blu Ray is out in a nice controlled environment I know will be amazing. Might even buy it, how about that.

Story wise it was basic, but was done very well. Loved the cast, especially the gorgeous Rey - holy hell she can act!

It felt a bit rushed, but they packed so much in I think that was inevitable. The action scenes were out of this world (lol) and the lightsaber battles in particular were brutal and much more realistic than the ballet style of the prequels.
That certainly sounds to me like it's related to the cinema itself, because the one I was at was loud and booming and sounded great.

I think Kylo was fantastic. Adam Driver nailed his instability and conflicts and he came across as a really interesting villain to me.

I like that he wasn't some new unique villain but was actually trying to emulate Darth Vader. He looks upon his grandfather like some sort of role model and wants to be just like him to the point where he copies everything about him including the mask. I think it's really telling that in trying to emulate Vader he misses a whole lot of why Vader was so terrifying and powerful.

His lightsaber being all jittery and unstable was cool too, not the smooth focused beam that other lightsabers have. His temper tantrums were crazy and terrifying (and set up one of the best scenes in the movie where the Stormtroopers turn and walk the other way).

I've seen people complaining about how Rey could pick up a light saber for the first time and go toe to toe with him (even though he was injured) and I'm kinda okay with that. She's obviously having all this new force stuff flooding in to her but she also seems to focus with it and she was already exceptionally good with a bow staff and seems to swing the lightsaber in similar ways. He just swings wildly and with anger and is definitely in need of more training.

Finn using the lightsaber though...that was fucking stupid. To me that was the biggest mistake of the movie. A non-force user (well so far anyway) being able to go up against a Sith (even an injured one) seems to me like it breaks every rule of that universe. Kylo should have been able to toss him aside like a piece of garbage the first time he even took a swing.
Shrewmkin wrote:
It was fucken shit. Generally shit, it's Phantom Menance all over again.

I think it's much more A New Hope all over again, due to the parallels between the two in almost every way.

Also, classic Shrewmkin bait. Post an unpopular opinion without any reasoning and wait for people to bite.

Kindly post something more constructive or fuck off <3
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