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Awesome, Welcome to the most liveable city in the world. With our superior coffee, and restaurants, and our clean air and water. Just remember to wear a singlet and shorts and carry a thick winter jacket which you will put on and take off...and take off...and put on...then put on and then maybe take off.…. at least 20times a day.
Thanks guys!

Where I live at the moment is like a very mild Melbourne. You ALWAYS take a coat everywhere because the weather will 100% change, so I'm used to that. My main problem will be my love for flowy skirts ;_; The wind and I are enemies.
Yeah one of my mates lives in Northcote and its a pretty good area and only like a $15 cab ride home from the city. Also I pay $400 a week for my 2 brm in Windsor also so you can definitely move way closer like everyones said. I dont have a yard but Im allowed my dog inside so it works out awesome.
I don't think I could have Ruby in an apartment since I'll be working full time. Plus she's had 2 acres of freedom her whole life. My housemate went and looked at a few places today in Point Cook area just to see. One of them had 30 people and was leased by the end of the day, the other one was already leased when he got there.

Dem houses going quick!
Yeah, it happens. Nearly every apartment Ive gotten Ive put extra rent on the application to try to put myself above the other people who are applying. Even if its 2 more dollars a week sometimes it helps.
A little late to chip in I suppose, but I felt like saying that the outer western suburbs aren't too bad if you're looking for pet friendly. Housing around Point Cook and Truganina is being snatched up super quickly though. There've been a few new estates opened in the last few years, but the area is popular with Islanders and those with bigger families, so it's somewhat competitive.

I live in Hoppers Crossing, which isn't great, but isn't terrible. Most of the things I need for every day life are within short distance, all it really lacks is night life, generally when you make the trip into the city. Last time I caught a cab home from Hofbrahaus it was around $70, and the trains on the Werribee line that run through all those suburbs aren't as reliable as people would like. Traffic is a complete bitch if anything happens near the west gate bridge. And I'm fortunate enough to have to drive over the damned thing every day.

The house I'm living in is a 4 bedroom rental. It has the kind of yard you're probably hoping to find, and $260 a week, which I find reasonable for the size of it. From what I know, it's as close to standard for the area as you you're likely to get, so it's a fairly easy area to afford.

Best of luck with your move and all.
Well we had a rental agent call our bosses today, for a house in Williams Landing, which is pretty exciting. We'll be getting a random person in, due to the place being $480 a week. On the bright side it's brand new, with giant bedrooms and a nice big backyard for Ruby :)

Plus on the bright side, being on that side of the highway means it's a lot closer to the city, and it'll only take like 25 minutes with not terrible traffic
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