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Game of Thrones - Season Five

Assume spoilers S1-4

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I watched 9 - 10 back to back.

How fucking brutal.

Any glimmer of hope in the show is quashed. I'm wondering who is going to be left in S6 : Survivor : Medieval with medium fantasy setting.

Spoon wrote:
Then we finish with Jon Snow preparing to rise again to lead the army of the dead to destroy all of the South. This shit's going to be great.

Yeah I'm barracking for the undead now.
willy wrote:
My wife cried so much after the season finale. Completely ruined any chance of sexy times.

Should have watched Pompei afterwards. Jon Snow is still alive and shirtless half the time
Neifelheim wrote:

My goodness.…

The extent to how out of context that is is incredibly terrifying.


Game of Thrones Season 7: Ramsay Bolton VS The White Walkers.
Someone tried to do something similar for Goffrey and it's only 30 seconds long. Also it's only other people saying things about him, seems he never did a single thing (even out of context) that didn't make him look like an asshole.
If Joffrey was still King, he would have killed that Priest, his entire religious organisation and anyone associated with them for taking his wife and standing against him.

Tommen as King is...severely underwhelming (so much for ruling the Seven Kingdoms).

I mean, like damn, his wife was taken, put in some effort to show that you are a LANISTER!

A Lanister should "always pay his debts"

(I admit I am extremely biased towards
Margaery so I want her out of imprisonment).

House Tyrell and House Stark are clearly the most enjoyable houses to watch as they don't do crazy crap like kill people on their wedding day, burn their children because of "the night is dark and full of terror", flay people alive and eat a sausage in front of a man who had his power stick liberated from him. House Martell is awesome purely because of Oberon. Dammit, I miss his character so much!!!!!!! Would love to see more of Doran though, I like the actor who portrays him.

I await the day Rickon Stark develops into a major character in Game of Thrones.
Hahah they do indeed. I actually forgot that Joffrey also died on his wedding day.

Still, the brutal nature of how Robb, Talisa, Catelyn and Grey Wind were killed separates itself from how elegant the Tyrells are at disposing of their enemies.

Anyway, I am curious how the House of Black and White (Many-Faced God) actually fits into the whole Game of Thrones story.
Syphin wrote:
Hahah they do indeed. I actually forgot that Joffrey also died on his wedding day.

Still, the brutal nature of how Robb, Talisa, Catelyn and Grey Wind were killed separates itself from how elegant the Tyrells are at disposing of their enemies.


Well relative to the deaths we get in Game of Thrones, I consider that ELEGANTO!

Better than being ravaged by undead children. Poor <whatever her name was but she was badass>.
This season was mostly boring

Game of Thrones season five was quite awfully paced. I watched the entire season in about four sittings (thankfully), because if I needed to watch it week-by-week, I'd have dropped the show entirely and just spoiled myself. When it boils down to it, I really don't like "that other bloody continent" that isn't Westeros. I believe it's called Essos. I am not a fan of the Mother of Dragons, because she's not very interesting at all. She's the envisaged Mary Sue archetype, possessed of almost God-like superpowers in a world where even Kings may die from getting the pox. I think the only thing that I ever enjoyed in that God-awful shitstain of a continent was Ser Barrista Selfie and Grey Wyrm. Maybe Ser Jordie Mormie, he's alright - but him being head over heels for the Khaleesi certainly injects new life into the 'friendzone'. I thought Bravos was going to be a pretty cool place, but the only cool thing was that it has a titanic statue to welcome visitors. I actually pictured that Bravos was going to be a place where people sworded the shit out of everything, like that's how they communicated - by endless blademastery. Instead, it's just an awfully bland Mediterranean hovel with a temple that houses poison water.

Dragons are so profoundly uninteresting in Game of Thrones, and they just take me out of the world. I think what would have been cooler is that the mythical creatures were in fact, giant salamanders that spewed a horrific acidic mist - causing people to burn in fetid boils from the inside out if the gas seeped into their pores. I read somewhere that the inspiration for dragon folklore in the old times, were in fact - large salamanderesque creatures. Having said that, I understand that the arcane and the sorcerous aspects of the story comes with the pre-historic lore of Westeros, where magical things were the norm until the first Andals arrived or some shit. More than dragons, I also really dislike Stanley Barry and his merry band of throne-restorers. Stanley Barry was lauded as someone who would be decent at leading the realms and apparently a pretty decent military commander. Which to me, was a load of horseshit from the moment he started burning loyal retainers in previous seasons. The lady in red has a nice body, but she's a go-nowhere character and I'm bored to tears whenever she starts talking about King's blood or the God of Fire.

My favourite episode was episode number nine, because it was basically the equivalent of experiencing Revenge of the Sith's opening sequence all over again. So much of the season was a bland flatline, that the sudden event of something actually happening finally kicked into gear and sent a shock pulse into my being. People talk about things unfolding in this season as something of a shock, but I think if you've kept up with this show for five years, then the more reasonable thing to expect is that everyone is going to die. When Ed Stark copped the decapitation, that set the tone for the kind of stories this world would host. No deaths or tragedies should shock anyone anymore, which is slightly sad - but that's just how people adapt to five seasons of characters dying, especially if they are fan favourites. On my side, I'm not sure if it's just the fatigue of seeing the same old tired schemes as increasingly less-entertaining houses come to the fore, or that the dragon thing will become more of a focus - but like the arrival of the first Andals on the shores of Westeros, quite a lot of the magic is beginning to lose its luster.
I enjoyed your interpretations of the character names. I also mostly agree, this season was slow as shit and very little of consequence happened until the last few episodes.

Also Dorne was pretty boring too thanks to the annoying sand snakes.
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