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So I've been looking to get a PS Vita for some time, mostly so I can play my PS4 games while the girls watch TV, but Sony have a new tablet coming out, that can be used as a monitor and have a controller sync with it.

The tablet itself will retail for around $500, but for a crisp HD 8 inch screen with enough detail for remote play, tied in with the controller cradle to hold the tablet, I think they are really on to a winner. Also, it's a pretty decent tablet with expandable memory, which would be awesome for movies on holiday for those quiet nights in.
The tablet looks pretty cool.

I love remote play, but really only use it for Destiny every now and then on my Vita. The rest of the time I use my Vita it's for actual Vita games, most of which were free cross-buys on PSN+.

The native controller sync is a huge plus though.
That's the thing, I don't think I'd be able to get Vita games on this, but it's not like I don't already have heaps of PS+ games I still need to play.

This may or may not be a self Christmas present...
thorment wrote:
Any recommendations on good games to get for Vtia? I haven't used mine other than for remote play..

Rogue Legacy is a whole lot of fun, see thread because reasons.

Spelunky was a crossbuy for free on PSN+ and is also great.

Guacamelee was fun but I stopped playing it for Spelunky.

Persona 4 Golden is supposed to be amazing beyond belief, only played 5 minutes of it though. Tearaway is another that got many GOTY awards, but I'm waiting for it to come on special.

Make sure you get Hotline Miami if you haven't played it before too, Fez too - both PSN+ I think?

Got Velocity2X on PSN+ too which is supposed to be really good, but haven't played it yet.
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