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This is looking really good, I love me some sci fi and aliens. Keen for the story and another dive into the Arcade maps that come out.

Official Site:

Lots of information and pretty pictures on the official site. Arkships, different multiplayer modes etc.

Also some multiplayer updates for each of the classes:

Thor self repair and Battlecruiser teleport!

Ravager looks pretty cool. Lurkers returning!

Stasis Ward looks like a fun mechanic.
Big focus towards harassment gameplay in LoV.

Protoss are now a bit more micro intensive, and Terran harass with fast banshees + siege dropping will change the dynamic a lot.

Still watch some competitive Starcraft once in a while, and a shakeup like this is desperately needed.

The main thing is making every unit as viable for competitive play as possible.…
Protoss have always been my favourite Starcraft race just because they're a bunch of cool aliens. I'm all aboard this train based solely off the story (since I loved playing through the campaign in HotS) and I'm sure this one will deliver too.

More Xel'Naga action is also welcome.

As for the unit changes, Battlecruiser teleport was definitely the coolest one and the Protoss baneling equivalent seemed pretty explosive too.

Hopefully by the time this rolls around everyone will get onto it and we can play some of the undoubtedly awesome Arcade maps that have been created in the year[s] since we last played.
I've really heard nothing about this and have zero hype for it.

I really enjoyed the HotS single player, so I'd like to play this at some point for the single player too, but there's just nothing pulling me in at the moment. This seems to be in pretty stark contrast to my previous post (two posts up), but I guess that's pretty indicative of how badly Starcraft II has died off.
Shrewmkin wrote:
So is anyone else pre-order LotV to get into the Beta? If so what do you think of the Prologue so far and the multiplayer? Also anyone up for some 2v2?

I'll be pre-ordering after my next pay sometime. I'm looking forward to the new units that they're implementing, the protoss ones look especially fun.

Loving the return of the Lurker, gonna make defensive Zerg so much more fun!

Are you 2v2'ing on the Beta or on HotS? PM me your steam and/or Bnet if you're looking for HotS.
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