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But only one state gets the day off or some shit, or two days off what the fuck?

Anyway, anyone put their mortgage up on a horsie?

Got flowers in your beard or up your eyelids?

Doing anything special at work? Lunch and champagne?

Any hot tips? Reckon the Japs will take it? Wish you were a horse?
We've got a $5 sweep at work so I'm going to buy in for two of those (assuming there are some left over after the first round of people picking). Not as big as last year (where I put down $50 and won ~$600) but I also don't particularly care too much.

To me it represents half an hour of standing around not working!
SO out of touch this year.

I know it's on and starting in 5 minutes but I don't know any horses racing, or have any bets on.

Couldn't even get into my works event for it with free food/booze, on the plus side they brought food out to those of us at customer sites so i've been nibbling on cheeses and meats for the last hour and a bit
Mmmmm, I'm full.

Nandos tenderloins, a couple chips and salad. Washed it down with champagne from a plastic cup, and now munching on some watermelon, strawberries and blueberries.

Oh my horses didn't place, there goes $5.
Apparently the horse that was favourite for the race finished last...and then died.

The person in the office pool with that horse won a free burrito as consolation prize.
The bloke who had the dead horse this year, also picked the horse that died last year.

If that doesn't scream "curse" I don't know what does..
Shrewmkin wrote:
Wastey wrote:
Does that mean your not attending shrewms?

Wouldn't everyone love that, but I'd piss off a lot of Twelvians if I did go. Let's see what happens.

I definitely agree 100% that you should attend.

If you didn't, people wouldn't be able to laugh at you for losing 360 dollars in a horse race.
Your mother is doing it right, Fun!

I managed to win my GF's house sweep. While unfortunately my GF got Admre Rakti (he ded).

Turns out that Admire Rakti died of Sudden Death Syndrome, It was just announced on the racing channel via Foxtel.
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