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Secret Santa!!!!

Ugh, I can't believe it's that fucking time of the year. I literally thought it was June... Post here if you're interested for Sekret Santa but keep in mind that if you sign up you're in for paying around $20.

How secret Santa usually works:

Step 1. Sign the fuck up!
Step 2. Everyone send me their postal address
Step 3. Names are randomly linked together to buy for each other.
Step 4. Send the fucking gift.
Step 5. Receive your fucking gift.
Step 6. Post a picture of your gift on the fucking forums.
Step 7. Enjoy your fucking gift!

The rules:

1. Presents must be posted by the 5th of December! This is to avoid any delays in shipping. Once you have sent the present, can you let me know? If your present arrives before Christmas, you can choose to open it if you so desire.

2. Spend a max of $20. It's not about the money though, it's about the thoughtful gift!

3. If you're sending a NSFW present, then PLEASE let me know and I will then tell the recipient. This is so they don't go opening it in front their children/parents/family/mistress and allows them to avoid an awkward moments.

4. Post a picture of the present you received! This is one of the best bits, even for people who aren't partaking in the event. It's crazy some of the shit people find for secret Santa.

5. Your present can be as random as possible, but it has to be fun random, not a $20 box of paper clips.

6. If you don't buy a present, you will have bad luck for 10 years! But seriously, I will know who everyone has and can easily name and shame people who sign up and don't actually send a present.

7. You can let people know you're their secret Santa after all the presents have been received. This isn't mandatory, but you can if you want.

8. You can address your package to the persons forum username so they know it's their secret santa.

Gifts will need to go out by the 5th of December!!!!

So go on with the posting and feel free to PM me your address whenever so I can start with the list and things!

I'll update the list as people post :)

Going to give everyone 3 weeks to sign up before I close the registrations (20th of November)!

Awesome Motherfuckers:

- Han
- Fun
- Spoon
- Clownshoes
- Doc
- Hunterbob
- Willy
- Beefyfife
- Seylana
- Fork
- Bain
- Hekate

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I'm in, as always!! Ho Ho Ho!
Count me and Bain in
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