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When I'm shitfaced and not thrashing to viking metal or getting my ClownCred(tm) up by learning to play the banjo, It's a guilty pleasure of mine to watch hot bitches shake their booty while listening to their atrociously catchy pop songs.

It fits quite well because these music videos are aimed at the ADHD generation and are highly entertaining and creative. (In before pastiche)

Here's three of my current favourites:

A huge amount of effort got put into this with all the costume changes and different sets. It also has a twerking ice cream.

Taylor is smoking hot and absolutely adorable. Love the feel good vibe of it all and hilarious dance moves. The behind the scenes are also very entertaining and give a lot of insight into Swifty.

The intro to this gets me every time, and the visuals of the 'story' are impressive for some pop shit. I admire the writer/director/whoever for having the balls to try get something scifi mainstream. The song is also goddamn catchy.

Anyone else a fan of this kind of shit?

Got any personal favourites?

Yes, you may now think less of me.

But fuck you.

"this, the part where, i say I DONT WANNAAAA"
Many thanks to the other suggestions, can't wait to check them out :3

kiral wrote:
Wow Fork you really are a ginu!

I prefer the term "well rounded", or something.
New Swifty song!

Went on a Katy Perry binge the other night.

There's some seriously insane amounts of effort going into the costumes, sets and special effects in these.

Very impressive, especially the super realistic airbrushing on her skin bahaha.

And to cover my bases:


Fucken hate this song, yet its soo catchy FML
Fun wrote:
i like this video clip, think it's pretty well produced.

Yeah its pretty damn well produced spectacular.

Ariana Grande does it again. Fucking awesome, but a forgettable song.

And I really liked the sand room in this one. Shaunz, she's also wearing cat ears. But what the fuck is going on with that guy's hair?

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