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Fuck yeah Salmon! Everyone should eat more salmon.

An excerpt from a big writeup I did in another thread:

Salmon is amazing. It's full of good fats and tastes fucking delicious. It's a bit pricey, but it's well worth it. Fry that bad boy up so it's still a bit pink in the middle in a thick based pan, then put it on your plate to rest. Add a generous squirt of lemon or lime juice in the pan with all the delicious salmon juices. Take it off the heat and let it bubble for 15 seconds then pour it over your salmon. That's the best tasting shit ever.

Get the individual packaged frozen bits and you're set. Didn't take it out before work? Fuck the microwave, just put them in the sink covered with hot water and they'll be perfectly thawed in half an hour.

I made a little teriyaki marinade for our salmon last night and it turned out fucking amazing. Bunch of soy sauce, bit of mirin, minced garlic and ginger, brown sugar, lime juice and water. Coat salmon and leave for at least half hour in fridge, then cook on low or it'll burn the marinade. Fuck yeah doggie.

Anyone else a regular salmon eater? How do you cook it?
I fucking love salmon and we eat it every week. My girlfriend has gotten pretty pro at frying it up. We just have it plain fried/seared.

She coats it in sea salt and pepper then fries it so, like you said, stays pink in the middle. The salt helps crisp up the skin and meat.

God I love salmon.
I love love LOOOVE Salmon. A bit like Bob, we usually just sear/grill/fry the fish skin side down so it's nice and crunchy and then flip it over. All I usually do it rub a tiny bit of salt and pepper on it, and just a little oil in the pan.

I mostly oven-bake my salmon. Wrap it in a foil parcel with some lemon, or some chopped dill and mustard. I did this salmon a while ago with a beetroot and red onion slaw, was awesome.

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