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Well, i wouldn't say hate is the right word. We just went from 1 HoF QB to the current best QB in the league right now. In other cities, if you are an opposing fan, you could get beat the fuck up. Whereas in Green Bay, people will buy you a beer and food to make sure you are having a good fan experience cause we pride ourselves on that. Unless you are from Minnesota/Chicago/Detroit and maybe Dallas. … agles_fan/
NFL is played live on 7Mate (73). Come join us on Mumble to discuss the game (Hayne train).
got up a little earlier than mu usual fly out morning time to catch some of the had already ended, got my time conversion wrong doh. seems like I didn't miss much.
Crazy week in the NFL, Buffalo is legit, Brady throwing 442 yards is a direct result of have a amazing QB, that Defense is no slouch.
Surprised the Redskins knocked off the Rams after the Rams shocked the Seahawks, but of a letdown there. Also surprised by Tennessee shitting the bed against the Browns, pun intended, after their performance last week against the Bucs.
The biggest upset to me is Oakland beating the Ravens, perhaps the Ravens D isn't as good as it usually is, AFC North is gonna be a crazy division. Also heard the Steelers took care of the 49ers in the first quarter. Jarryd Hayne might be more limited in his role because of his first touch fumble last week but then again, maybe not cause Carlos Hyde had such an awful game. Only time will tell.
Holy shit Ravens! Great win. The defense won that game.

Flacco? More like Sacco (love the league).

I'm glad I left that game off my multi bet this week.

I've got panthers, falcons, colts, chargers, Cardinals, broncos, packers and seahawks.

I've got a few little weird ones in case the giants surprise me.
Yeah that Ravens Steelers game is always nuts. Bad Blood between the two. I'd be curious what teams in Aussie Rules have similar rivalries. Steelers need to fire their kicker. He was a liability. Also, how do you not feed Bell the rock on 4th and 1 and 4th and 2

Edit: They did fire the kicker … is-boswell
Matey wrote:
Beefy, you're a packers fan right?

Eat shit.

A Broncos fan.

I've never been so mad. I had a 17 leg multi with 16 legs destroyed my $20 becoming $1200ish.

Fuck you and your horsemen. Manning is a limp wristed ET.
yeah, packers kinda shit the bed there.…...anyways, moving on, just gatta try and win out for home field.….packers injuries are a legit problem.
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